Why I Cancelled My GoodieBox Subscription

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Every month since August 2016 I received a GoodieBox, which is a Danish beauty subscription box. Last year they launched GoodieBox Crush which is a quarterly subscription box with only makeup products, and I subscribed to that box as well. However, this month I decided to cancel both subscriptions.

The products in the GoodieBox from March 2019I enjoyed receiving the boxes since it was something I looked forward to and I only had one problem of receiving a broken product, which I received a replacement for as well as an extra product not in the box. In general the boxes were good since they had a variety of beauty products from skin care, makeup, and beauty tools that far exceeded the value of what I paid. Most of the products I received I would use, and those that I would never use I gifted them to family and friends. There were some outstanding boxes like the June 2018 GoodieBox, the September 2018 GoodieBox Crush, and the February 2019 GoodieBox, but some duds as well as like the May 2017 GoodieBox, June 2018 GoodieBox Crush and the September 2018 GoodieBox. So if I liked the subscriptions why did I cancel them?

After receiving the GoodieBoxes for over 2 years, I have acquired a ton of skin care products that are just sitting in my closet. I have every intention of using those products, but it takes a while to go through a full-sized mask or cleanser. I also often received face oils and serums and now I have around 5 unused ones. I also have more than 10 body lotions and body butters that are not all from GoodieBox, but it still takes a while to finish a container of body butter. I have decided that it would be better to cancel my subscription and use the products I have before subscribing again. If I continued my subscription, I would only keep adding to my problem.

I decided to cancel the GoodieBox Crush subscription as well since I have the same problem with makeup. I recently went through the KonMarie Method where I tidied up my apartment and threw away old and poor quality makeup, but I still have a good sized makeup collection. I need to use the makeup I have instead of receiving new makeup products that I do not necessarily need every few months.

Now the only subscription I have is Netflix, which I am fine with since I watch Netflix almost every day and my mum uses my subscription as well. I have been thinking about signing up for a new subscription though, but I know it would not be beauty related. So I have question for you.

What subscriptions do you have?


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38 thoughts on “Why I Cancelled My GoodieBox Subscription

  1. This is quite interesting actually… A beauty subscription box sounds amazing but seems to have a bit of an environmental issue going on there if you’ve got so many supplies all over the place! I wonder if beauty box subscriptions should reduce their box content, or perhaps make them more customisable and relevant to the receiver?

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    1. I haven’t thought about the environmental issues of a beauty subscription box, but I know for GoodieBox half of the products were from Danish brands & some products were made by GoodieBox themselves.
      I definitely think being able to customize your box would be helpful! Like I do not use brow products or false lashes so it would’ve been nice if I could say what type of products I want & don’t want.


  2. Right now, my wife and I have a bamboo diapers subscription, a children’s books subscription, and a Mubi subscription because she’s a film student. Now we’re thinking about getting a formula subscription.

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    1. A diaper subscription sounds great & I should’ve done that when my daughter was born! A formula subscription would also be useful. That’s nice you have a children’s book subscription too, but my daughter has a ton of books in both English & Danish now so I don’t think we need one.

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      1. Yeah, I think we’re on the same boat with regards to books. My wife had to postpone the subscription (not cancel it outright) because we’ve been getting so many books! Anyhow, I’m amazed at all these subscriptions for toddler things that’s available in America. I’m sure I’ll miss it when we all come back to Indonesia.

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  3. I managed at one point to get completely carried away with subscription services! Most of the time I would lose my log on info, making it almost impossible to cancel!!

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  4. I’m subscribed to the Cruelty Free Beauty Box! It’s great because it only sends products that are vegan and not tested on animals, and most of the products are sustainably packaged too! 🙂

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  5. That is a super smart reason to cancel your subscriptions. I have tons of makeup and body stuff I have accumulated over the years (not from boxes, just random stuff) and I hardly ever use it. I have my go-tos that I stick with and don’t use the other stuff!

    For subscription boxes I have OwlCrate and I love it, but its a book and bookish goodies box. Other subscriptions I have is Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. I only have Hulu because it came free with my phone plan, but I don’t have cable or a TV plan so I use Netflix all the time. For Amazon Prime I love the free shipping but you also get free books and access to movies and shows that aren’t available on Netflix of Hulu!

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    1. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who has a ton of makeup & body products lol
      I’ve heard of OwlCrate & the boxes look awesome but I have so many books on my shelf that I haven’t read yet so I would have the same problem…
      Netflix is the best! Hulu is only available in the US but w/ my tv plan I have HBO Nordic which has Hulu shows so I’m happy!

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  6. Canceling subscription boxes is okay! I know that feeling of having a ton of skincare products that are unused. I have a ton at home TT_TT. It is totally fine that you are trying to go through what you have. Tidying up is always a good way to sort out things you don’t want. Currently, I don’t have any sub boxes.

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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    1. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who has a ton of unused skin care products lol
      Really? Are there any sub boxes you would be interested in?


  7. The only subscription I have is Netflix, but I watch that a lot so I’m okay with it. I can see why you cancelled these subscriptions, it’s definitely something that builds up your collection, and sometimes it’s good to take a break from them because they can just keep building and building until you have no room for anymore!

    Chloe xx

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    1. I watch Netflix a lot too so I think it’s good to have an entertainment subscription!
      Yes all the products are just taking over my closet right now…


  8. It’s great that you’ve been happy with the subscription most of the time and that you would sign up again in the future, but well done!

    It’s important to use what you already have and not stock up endlessly – which is exactly what happens when you get random products sent to you on a regular basis.

    I don’t have any subscriptions at all for this exact reason.

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    1. That’s good you don’t have any subscriptions b/c you really don’t know what you’ll get so you can end up w/ a bunch of products you don’t need unless the subscription allows you to pick the products out yourself but I don’t think any do.

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  9. I also have a bunch of beauty boxes subscriptions, the Goodiebox one and then another on Lookfantastic, plus I purchase any special editions boxes from Lookfantastic… and I have to say, I still wish I’d have more 🙈 I love it how I can try out new products without actually having to go out and look for them and purchase the full size and so on, so I’m in love with all the beauty boxes! Keep ‘em coming! 💕

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    1. Yes it’s great being able to try out new products but for me I have too many products & I need to use them before I continue my subscription.


      1. I can understand that, but I found myself quite happy to be receiving all those goodies, as I can try out new products for a fair price without having to purchase them all, so that’s a bonus!

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  10. Cancelling while you use up products is great! I used to keep ordering one off boxes from a fitness/wellness subscription until they closed down but I found products I couldn’t eat in most boxes so I never wanted to subscribe and get a box without seeing someone open it first and knowing if there would be enough that I could use to be worth it.


  11. I am totally getting overloaded with makeup & skincare with my three beauty subscriptions a month so I get exactly why you cancelled but my gosh, I think I’m addicted. I would have serious FOMO if I didn’t get my boxes each month. 😛


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