Testing Overly Sponsored Products (Not Sponsored)

Testing Overly Sponsored Products (Not Sponsored) header

I have seen the same ads from YouTubers, bloggers, and content creators, and I wanted to try out these overly sponsored products for myself. I tried a mix of beauty and lifestyle brands as well as several free-to-play games. Before I begin, I have nothing against anyone who shares these sponsored products as I have had my share of sponsored and gifted posts on here. I just want to see for myself if they are worth the time or money. With that said, my opinion is subjective.

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6 Minute vs 60 Minute Makeup Challenge for Valentine’s Day

6 Minute vs 60 Minute Makeup Challenge for Valentine's Day header

I usually share a Valentine’s Day makeup look on my blog, and I thought it would be fun to do a makeup challenge this year. There are different variations of this challenge such as the 5 minute and 10 minute makeup challenge, but I want to try the variation I saw on NikkieTutorials‘ channel where she did a half-face makeup look in 60 minutes and the other half in 6 minutes. I will put my own spin on the challenge by doing my whole face for each time limit and using pink and red-toned makeup for Valentine’s Day.

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