My Best Blog Posts of 2020

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I saw Jenni over at I on Image share her best blog posts of 2020, and I thought it would be fun to do for my blog. My views increased by 111% in 2020, and I am curious which of my posts were the most popular.

My Most Popular Posts in 2020 

#10 Vegetarian Danish Lunch Smorrebrod Recipe – I published this post in 2019, and I am not a food blogger so it is interesting that this recipe is still popular. In this post, I published 3 smørrebrød recipes (rye bread with toppings).

#9 Why I Cancelled My GoodieBox Subscription – I also published this post in 2019, and I explained why I cancelled my GoodieBox subscription, which is a Danish beauty box, after subscribing to them for over 2 years. 

#8 Vegan Danish Dinner Frikadeller Recipe – I published this post a few days after my smørrebrød recipe åpst, and I am surprised both of them were popular in 2020.

#7 Is the Jolie Beauty Bomb Dot Com Palette Worth It? Review + Makeup Looks – I published this post in November of 2020 so it is awesome it made it onto this list. In my post, I review the Jolie Beauty Bomb Dot Com Palette and share two makeup looks with the palette. 

#6 Checking Makeup Expiration Dates – This is the oldest post on this list and I wrote it in 2018. In the post, I checked the manufacturing date of 10+ makeup products, and I was surprised and shocked at some of the dates compared to when I bought or received them. 

#5 How To Spot Counterfeit Makeup – I published this post during the first lockdown, and at first I was unsure if I should post anything on my blog because of everything going on in the world. After talking to some bloggers, I realized there were a lot of people who want a break from the news, and I published this post on the dangers of counterfeit makeup and how to avoid buying counterfeit makeup.

#4 My 10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine for Oily SkinThe 10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine has been popular lately, and near the beginning of 2020, I decided to try it out. Most recommended products for the 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine are for normal, dry, or all skin types, but I used products for oily skin since I have oily, acne-prone skin. 

#3 Random Number Generator Chooses My Makeup – One of the makeup looks I did in 2020 was where I used a random number generator to choose my makeup. It was a fun challenge! 

#2 Ranking Every Nancy Drew PC Game – This past summer, I replayed every Nancy Drew PC game published by Her Interactive and I ranked all 33 games. It was fun replaying the games, and I am surprised this post had the second-highest views. 

#1 My Favorite Sims 4 Mods + Custom Content – I published this post before my Nancy Drew one because I have played The Sims since the first game, but I have never played with mods or custom content until this year. In the post, I share my favorite Sims 4 mods and custom content, and I am also surprised that this post had the most views in 2020. 

My Thoughts on My Most Popular Posts

It is interesting to see that out of my 10 most popular posts, 6 were from 2020, 3 were from 2019, and 1 was from 2018. Also, 6 posts were related to beauty (makeup and skincare), 2 were food recipes, and 2 were about video games. 

During 2020, I published 50 posts, which is less than previous years where I published 2-3 posts a week. However, my views for 2020 were the highest it has ever been. For me, it shows that quantity does not matter much and I should focus on writing quality posts instead. Since 4 of my posts were from previous years, I should also go back and update my older posts. 

As far as views, most of my views came from search engines like Google. After search engines, a good number of views came from the WordPress Reader followed by Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. I definitely think it was great I started my blog on WordPress because from 2016-2019, the WordPress Reader was where most of my views came from with search engines being the second highest. It is also good to know that Twitter has consistently been a good source of views, and even though I do not have tons of views from Pinterest, the views have increased from 2019. 

Have you read any of these posts? What were your most popular posts in 2020? 


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30 thoughts on “My Best Blog Posts of 2020

  1. I am going to have a quick read of some of the ones I haven’t read already.

    I did a post like this and it is such a great way of seeing what is working for you. It has helped me to focus my content more the year ahead.

    Thanks for sharing Karalee x x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I definitely recommend playing with mods because there are ones that add realism to the game, make playing easier, or even add an open world with no loading screens!


  2. Such a varied range of posts that were popular. I bet it was nice going through them and hopefully, it will help plan more for the future! I’ll have to go and look at mine now as well as catch up with any that I have missed of yours!
    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

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  3. I love looking back at what posts did well over the course of the year, it’s a fab insight! All these posts sound fab, and it’s lovely to hear that older posts grew in popularity with time xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is SUCH a good idea, I really need to do this as well, it would be a massive help to find out what people are looking for so I can tailor my future content. As you say, quality over quantity and it’s really brilliant that your number one referrer is Google!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I love reading about the best blog posts and it’s great to catch up with more articles from before! I really liked reading about danish food and going to read the Korean skincare one, pretty excited for that! Thanks for sharing x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome! I love reading these types of posts too & that’s great to hear you liked the danish food ones & I hope you like the Korean skincare one too!


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