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I hope everyone’s week has been going well! I have been busy with my studies, but this weekend I finally had some time to relax, and last night I saw Robin Hood! It was a good movie! For today’s post I wanted to do an unboxing of the November GoodieBox (I am not as late as last month in sharing my box haha).

Products in the November 2018 GoodieBoxThe theme for November’s box was Prep-N-Go and it contained items to help you prepare for the future. GoodieBox is a Danish beauty subscription box, so the boxes can only be shipped to Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. There is a GoodieBox subscription for the Netherlands, but the monthly boxes are different. Each box costs 169 kr / $26 a month and contains 5-7 items worth over 550 kr / $84. In this box I received 6 items, and 5 were full-sized.


Blaq Hyaluronic Acid Eye Mask: Blaq is an Australian brand, and the eye mask removes swelling by depuffing and detoxifying the under eye area. The mask also contains activated charcoal, and it helps you get back to your natural self after a night of partying. I love using eye masks to help reduce dark circles, and I am looking forward to trying this one even though they are more for swelling. Also, Blaq is cruelty-free.

35 kr / $5


Figs & Rouge Hydra-Pore Hydra Matte Pore Correct Velvet Cream (Full Size): Figs & Rouge is a British brand, and the cream preps your face by making it matte and smooth and reducing the appearance of pores. The cream also boosts your skin with added vitamins, and you can use it on your whole face or on areas that you want to be matte. I have previously received the Figs & Rouge Invisible Pores Night Detox Serum in my January 2018 GoodieBox, but I have not gotten around to trying it out. However, the description of this cream reminds me of the Benefit The Porefessional Primer that I got for my birthday, so hopefully it will be effective at reducing pore size. Also, Figs & Rouge is cruelty-free.

250 kr / $38


Emite Slant Tweezer – Pick and Pinch (Full Size): Emite is a Swedish brand, and the tweezers are easy to use to tame brows and make them stand out. You should use the tweezers in the evening to allow your skin to rest and reboot during the night. I have previously received several makeup products from Emite including the Emite Artist Colour Powder Blush in Ante in my March 2018 GoodieBox Crush, the Emite Makeup Diamond Heart Cream in my February 2017 GoodieBox, and the Emite Lip & Cheek Tint in my November 2016 GoodieBox, which I also wrote a review about last year. It is nice that I received a makeup tool now and I love the rose gold color, but I already have a pair of tweezers that are exactly the same (minus the rose gold color). Instead of having two tweezers, I will gift this one. However, Emite does not test on animals.

178 kr / $27


Comme Deux #LipLove Lip Oil in Rose (Full Size): Comme Deux is a Danish brand, and the lip oil nourishes the lips. The lip oil is a transparent rose shade and it is long-lasting. The lip oil can be used every day and during the night, and if you use it during the night, you can wake up with moisturized lips. GoodieBox loves sending Comme Deux products, and this is the fourth Comme Deux product I received this year! I previously received the Comme Deux #DISCOSKIN in my May 2018 GoodieBox, the Comme Deux Serum Booster in #YellowDrops in my March 2018 GoodieBox, and the Comme Deux Face Mask in Pink Paint in my January 2018 GoodieBox. These three products are for the face, so it is nice being able to try one of their lip products. Also, Comme Deux is cruelty-free.

129 kr / $20


GoodieBox Sleeping Mask (Full Size): GoodieBox designed their own sleeping mask to help you get a good night’s sleep to prepare for the day to come. The mask is soft to the touch and it helps you get undisturbed sleep. The sleeping mask is cute with the eyelashes, but I find it tight and a bit uncomfortable to wear. I have another sleeping mask that I never use, but it is more comfortable to wear. I will not use this sleeping mask as well, but my daughter had fun playing with it.

69 kr / $10.50


ModelCo More Brows Fiber Gel in Medium to Dark (Full Size): ModelCo is an Australian brand, and the brow gel gives you natural, even, and fuller brows instantly. The brow gel also dries quickly. I have previously received the ModelCo Instant Brows in my July 2017 GoodieBox, which I gifted, and the ModelCo Blush Cheek Powder in my June 2017 GoodieBox, which I love. I do not use brow products, so I will gift this fiber gel like I did with the Instant Brows. However, ModelCo is cruelty-free.

120 kr / $18


Overall, this was an okay box, and I will use half of the items (the eye mask, pore cream, and lip oil), and I will gift the others and let my daughter have the sleeping mask to play with. The box did have a value of 781 kr / $119, which is great!

Have you tried any of these brands before? Do you subscribe to any subscription boxes?

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