May 2018 GoodieBox

It is time for another unboxing of GoodieBox, and the theme for May was #Instafriendly. GoodieBox is a Danish beauty subscription box, so the boxes can only be shipped to Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. Each box costs 169 kr / $26 a month and contains 5-7 items worth over 500 kr / $78.

All the products in the May 2018 GoodieBoxI received 5 items in this box, and all of them were full-sized. This box is dedicated to the GoodieBox members, and the products are an inspiration to continue the #instafriendly approach to life.


Amika The Perfect Body Whipped Mousse (Full Size): Amika is an American Brand, and I received either the Bombshell Blowout Spray, The Wizard, The Perfect Body Whipped Mousse, the Silken Up Dry Conditioner, or The Shield Style Extending Spray. The Perfect Body Whipped Mousse adds long-lasting volume and body to the hair. The mousse does not contain sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, oil, mineral oil, sodium chloride, petrochemicals and artificial colors, and it is safe for color-treated hair. I do not use any hair products except for dry shampoo, so I am weary of trying this mouse. However, Amika is cruelty-free.

99 kr / $15.50


Evolve Beauty Hyaluronic Serum (Full Size): Evolve Beauty is a British brand, and this serum contains hyaluronic acid that hydrates and plumps the skin. The serum also contains pomegranate extract that softens and protects the skin. The serum is fragranced with rose water, and it can be used by all skin types. I still have not tried out any serums, but this serum seems like it has a lot of good benefits, and I like that it is 99% natural. Also, Evolve Beauty is vegan and cruelty-free.

102 kr / $16


Uoga Uoga Moon Path Natural Highlighter (Full Size): Uoga Uoga is a Lithuanian brand, and this highlighter gives a natural glow to the skin. The highlighter can be used on the eyelids, cheekbones, and lips, and it has 100% natural ingredients. I am not that big of a fan highlighters since I have oily skin, but I will occasionally use a highlighter so I like that this one is more natural looking. Also, Uoga Uoga is cruelty-free.

111 kr / $17Swatch of the Uoga Uoga Moon Path Natural Highlighter


Mesauda Milano Extreme Gloss in Naïve (Full Size): Mesauda is an Italian brand, and I received either the Extreme Gloss or the Backstage Lipstick. Naïve is a pink shade with a gloss finish, and the gloss adds extreme shine to the lips that is long-lasting. The gloss is also lightweight on the lips and is not sticky. I have previously received the Mesauda Milano Glam Matte Eyeshadow in Chenille in my March 2018 GoodieBox Crush, the Mesauda Milano Liquid Silk Foundation in Natural Rose 201 in my November 2017 GoodieBox, and the Mesauda Milano Definitive Mascara in my July 2017 GoodieBox, so I am happy to try another product from this brand. I also love wearing lip glosses, so I am excited to try this gloss out. Mesauda is cruelty-free.

99 kr / $15.50Swatch of the Mesauda Milano Extreme Gloss in Naïve


Comme Deux #DISCOSKIN (Full Size): Comme Deux is a Danish brand, and this is a holographic face mask. The mask is exfoliating and moisturizing, and it can be used by all skin types. The mask is also perfume-free and vegan. I have previously received the Comme Deux Serum Booster in #YellowDrops in my March 2018 GoodieBox and the Comme Deux Face Mask in Pink Paint in my January 2018 GoodieBox, the latter which I did not care for, so hopefully this mask will be better. I also love trying new masks, so I am looking forward to using seeing how effective this mask is. Comme Deux is cruelty-free.

199 kr / $31


Overall this month’s box was pretty good, and I am looking forward to trying the gloss and mask the most. The box also had a value of 610 kr / $95.

Do you subscribe to any subscription boxes?

14 thoughts on “May 2018 GoodieBox

  1. Have you tried the Amika product yet? I just discovered them last week, and then saw this today. I actually mentioned them in a post I put up today, because I am considering purchasing from the brand.

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