Emite Lip & Cheek Tint Review

I am enjoying my vacation, and today I went to Legoland! It was fun and I bought the Lego Architecture Arc de Triomphe!

I received the Emité Lip & Cheek Tint in my November 2016 GoodieBox. As the name suggests, the tint can be used on both the lips and cheeks.

The tint is a red shade with a sheer finish, and it has good pigment considering the finish. The tint is also buildable and it can give a natural tint to the lips and cheeks as well as a more intense look. On the lips, the tint applies easily, and it dries quickly. When I use more than 1 layer, it takes longer to dry and it can be more messy in application. However, the tint feels lightweight on my lips, and it does not feel sticky either. The tint only lasts a few hours on my lips, and it is also not transfer-proof. After eating or drinking, the tint will fade on the inner lips and only leave color on the outer lips, which looks like I am wearing lip liner. However, the tint can easily be reapplied though. As far as applying the tint to the cheeks, I found it difficult to use. I tried to follow the directions of applying 3 dots to my cheeks then blending it with my fingers, but I looked like a clown and I could see where I applied the tint. Like with the lips, the tint dries very quickly, so even when I tried to be fast at blending, it just did not look good. However, I tried using a makeup sponge instead of my fingers, and I also used a much smaller amount (1 dot instead of 3), and the tint blended better and looked more natural on my cheeks. If you decide to use the tint on your cheeks, do not use a lot or else it will not look natural because it is so difficult to blend. Despite the problems with applying and blending the tint on my cheeks, the tint is long-lasting and lasts all day. I do think the price for the tint is expensive especially since I will primarily use it on my lips.Overall, the Emité Lip & Cheek Tint is easy to use to add color to the lips, but the tint is difficult to use on the cheeks.

$19 at Emite

Rate: 6/10

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