April 2018 GoodieBox

I have received another GoodieBox, and the theme for April was Beauty Geniuses. GoodieBox is a Danish beauty subscription box, so the boxes can only be shipped to Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. Each box costs 169 kr / $27 a month and contains 5-7 items worth over 500 kr / $80.

All the products in the April 2018 GoodieBoxI received 7 items in this box, and 4 were full-sized. The products in this box are innovative and multifunctional.


L’Oreal Smooth Sugars Glow Scrub: This scrub exfoliates and moisturizes the skin and boosts radiance. This scrub can be used on the face and lips, and it is suitable for all skin types. I love using face scrubs, so I am excited to try this one out, but L’Oreal tests on animals.

99.95 kr / $16 for 50 ml


GOSH Lumi Drops in Rose Blush (Full Size): Gosh is a Danish brand, and Rose Blush is pink shade. These drops blend into the skin to give it a glow, and it can be used alone as a highlighter or mixed into a foundation, day cream or body lotion. These drops can also be used on the lips. I received the Gosh Brow Sculpting Fibre Gel in Chestnut in my March 2018 GoodieBox Crush, but I gifted it to Lise, and I also received the GOSH Overnight Primer Oil Essence in my January 2017 GoodieBox. I normally do not use highlighters because I have oily skin, but I will give these drops a try, and I like that it can be used on the lips too. GOSH is also vegan and cruelty-free.

109,95 kr / $18Swatch of the GOSH Lumi Drops in Rose Blush


Naobay Equilibria Face Mist Toner (Full Size): Naobay is a Spanish brand, and this face mist toner balances, cleanses, and moisturizes the skin. This face mist toner can be used as a toner or on top of makeup to refresh the skin throughout the day. I have previously received the Naobay Vitality & Shine Shampoo in my July 2017 GoodieBox and the Naobay Oxygenating Cream Moisturizer in my September 2016 GoodieBox. I recently ran out of the Lush Tea Tree Water Toner, so I needed a new toner. I am looking forward to using this toner especially since it contains 99% natural ingredients and Naobay is also cruelty-free.

105 kr / $17


Verso Night Cream with Retinol 8: Verso is a Swedish brand, and I received either the day or night cream. Retinol 8 is a Vitamin A complex that stimulates the skin’s natural collagen production.This night cream provides moisture and radiance and protects the skin from future damage. This cream also has anti-inflammatory effects, and it is used either alone or with other skin care products. I am mainly interested in using this cream for the anti-inflammatory effects, and Verso is cruelty-free.

695 kr / $111 for 50 ml


GoodieBox Brush Cleanser Egg (Full Size): This cleanser is made by GoodieBox, and it cleans brushes faster and more efficiently. After applying water and mild soap to the brush, the cleanser is used to scrub the makeup away. I have never seen a product like this before, so it will be interesting to see how effective it actually is. GoodieBox is cruelty-free.

79 kr / $13


Lord & Berry Silhouette Lip Liner: Lord & Berry is an Italian brand, and this lip liner has a transparent color so it can used with all colored lip products. This lip liner defines and shapes the lips and ensures the lipstick lasts for a long time. This lip liner is also waterproof, smudge proof, and transfer-proof. I just received the Lord & Berry Line/Shade in Bronze in my March 2018 GoodieBox Crush, and I have also received the Lord & Berry Line/Shade in Dark Black in my September 2016 GoodieBox. It is nice to try out a lip liner instead of an eyeliner, and Lord & Berry is cruelty-free.

119 kr / $19 for 1.4 g


The Body Shop Moringa Body Yogurt (Full Size): This body yogurt has the same wonderful scents as the body butters, and moringa is a floral scent. This body yogurt is fast absorbing and provides up to 48 hours of moisture. This yogurt is great for busy days, and it is vegan. I love The Body Shop’s body butters, so I am definitely looking forward to using their new body yogurt. The Body Shop is also cruelty-free.

95 kr / $15


Overall, this month’s box had a lot of great products, and I am looking forward to using the body yogurt and toner the most. Also, this box had a value of 648 kr / $104, which is a good value.

Do you subscribe to any subscriptions boxes?

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