NYX Pore Filler Review

I have read many good reviews about the NYX Pore Filler, which convinced me to purchase it from Ulta.

The Pore Filler can be worn as a primer, over makeup, or by itself. When I used the Pore Filler as a primer, it was difficult to apply due to how thick and clumpy it was when it came out of the tube. My face did feel smooth like with the NYX Studio Perfect Primer, and my makeup applied easily. However, the Pore Filler did nothing to the appearance of my pores even after waiting several minutes for it to set before applying the rest of my makeup. I did not use a setting spray to see if the Pore Filler would help my makeup last during the day, and my makeup did not last just as if I did not use a primer. I also tried wearing the Pore Filler over my makeup, and I felt like it rubbed some of my makeup off, and again my makeup that was left did not last the day. I would never wear the Pore Filler alone because it does nothing to the appearance of my face. I do have oily skin, and I do not know if that affected my results. However, I thought the Pore Filler could be used with and also benefit all skin types.

Overall, the NYX Pore Filler was a big let down because it was completely useless for me.

$14 at Ulta

Rate: 1/10

12 thoughts on “NYX Pore Filler Review

    1. There are a lot of bloggers I know that love & recommend this pore filler, but it just didn’t work me. I don’t know if you’ll have a better experience, but this pore filler is only $14 compared to $31 for Benefit’s pore filler.


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