NYX Studio Perfect Primer Review

Today I am leaving to go to Berlin! Me and my boyfriend are taking a train then a bus there, so it will be exciting because I have never been on a train/bus for such a long distance! We are going to stay in Berlin until Sunday night, but I will have a post ready for Saturday. I am so excited, and now here is the review!

imageI purchased the NYX Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer in Clear as part of my NYX Cosmetics Haul.

The Clear primer has a smooth texture, which helps cover fine lines and large pores. The primer also smooths my face and allows my foundation to glide on. My makeup does last longer with this primer, but I do recommend using a setting spray to ensure longevity. Also, I do not need to touch up my makeup during the day because my face remains oil-free. The primer is affordable and should last several months before I need to repurchase it. There are lavender and green shades available too that should help with brightening yellow undertones and concealing redness, but I have not tried either of them. However, I have tried the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, and NYX’s primer has a similar texture and result, but is half the price, so I would definitely recommend the NYX Studio Perfect Primer.

$13 at NYX

Rate: 9/10


You can read my reviews of other NYX primers on my blog here:

Have you tried any primers from NYX?

20 thoughts on “NYX Studio Perfect Primer Review

  1. Happy journey… Enjoy the train ride and oh you named Berlin and so many memories strikes back…aah my Soul Mate whom I never meet is there….. But Berlin is a beautiful, very lovely place… Be blessed, take care

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  2. I’ve never bought any makeup for my skin because there’s too many layers and I don’t know how it all works haha. But I’ve been trying to learn more and I’m glad you posted this. I’m REALLY into that price!! Thank you 🙂

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    1. You’re welcome! I use this primer as base for my foundation then concealer to cover any imperfections. The only other makeup I use on an everyday basis is mascara and lipstick, and I feel like those 5 items are enough for me.


      1. So you can just use a primer and concealer without foundation and it looks just fine? I had no idea haha. I thought you had to have highlighting, bronzing, contour with a finishing powder and all that jazz

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      2. I use both foundation and concealer after putting on primer and it looks fine without using anything else! I don’t think it’s necessary to use highlight, contour, bronzer, blush, etc every day unless that’s what you want to do, but I find it very time consuming. I will use these products for special occasions though like a night out.

        If I use a liquid foundation I will use finishing powder because it will make the foundation look better, but for powder foundation it its not necessary.

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  3. i have the smashbox photo finish primer and i’m so glad to hear this has a similar result — reupping on smashbox can get a little pricey! i love reading reviews of nyx products, too — i love their stuff, but they have such a huge line, i never get around to buying everything, LOL!

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