Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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AD – PR Product | Mother’s Day is coming up in the US, Denmark, and other countries of the world, and I wanted to share a gift guide including gifts I would like as a mother as well as gifts I know my mother would like. If Mother’s Day has passed in your country, these gifts would still be great for birthdays or other special occasions.

Before I begin, be sure to read the 15 Beautiful Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day 2021 post on Wander & Luxe that I contributed to!

Boostology Candle

I was kindly sent the Solid Fossil Stone Tea Light Holder with Six Essential Oil Candles to Recharge from Boostology. The candle is hand carved fossil stone and comes with 6 tea lights. I chose the Recharge scent, which is scented with Bergamot, Lemon, and Pink Grapefruit essential oils to recharge and uplift your spirits. The scent smells so fresh and I enjoy burning the candle. There is also the Relax scent available, which is scented with Lavender and Petitgrain essential oils. Each tea light lasts 5-6 hours, and the tea lights can be purchased separately for £7.99. Along with candle holders, Boostology also sells essential oil diffusers, lava diffuser jewelry, natural skin care products, and pure essential oils. Boostology is based in London and worldwide shipping is available. Boostology’s unique gifts are environmentally friendly, and they have banned products made entirely from plastic. Furthermore, they plant a tree for every order placed, all orders are sent in plastic-free parcels, and at their headquarter all their office waste is recycled and they use 100% renewable electricity.

£19 at Boostology

The Boostology Fossil Stone Tea Light Holer and two of the tea lighs.
The side of the Boostology fossil stone candle holder

Snuggly Duck Crafts Soap

Snuggly Duck Crafts is run by the lovely Marissa and she sells affordable cruelty-free and vegan soaps. I have previously bought 3 of her Christmas-themed soaps, and I loved using them and the scents were amazing too. I now bought myself the Animal Crossing Mammoth Fossil Soap. The soap is strawberry and lemonade scented and Marissa includes 3 Animal Crossing stickers as well, which is a nice touch. She has many other soaps including a yogurt-scented Happy Bunny Popsicle Soap, a bergamot-scented Little Pink Gem Heart Soap, and a tea tree oil Elephant Family Activated Charcoal and Bentonite Clay Facial Soap. Along with soaps, Marissa also sells a beeswax lotion bar, a lavender sachet, and she is frequently releasing new products for her shop. Snuggly Duck Crafts is based in Singapore and worldwide shipping is available.

$5-20 at Snuggly Duck Crafts

Calidad Home Silk Pillowcase

I was kindly gifted a 100% mulberry silk pillowcase from Calidad Home, and I chose the Light Pink color. My mother loves using a silk pillowcase, but this is my first time trying out a silk pillowcase. The pillowcase is naturally hypoallergenic, and it is free from harmful chemicals, toxins, and irritants. The pillowcase also has a hidden zipper, which makes it easy to take the pillowcase on and off. The pillowcase is so soft and well-made, and I love using it. Since using the pillowcase, I have been having great nights of sleep and also my hair has been less frizzy in the mornings. Furthermore, sleeping on silk pillowcases can make the skin soft and supple by helping the skin retain its natural moisture unlike cotton pillowcases that draw the moisture out of the skin. There are over 20 silk pillowcases in different colors and designs to choose from, and they are currently 40% off. Calidad Home also sells silk bedding, eye masks, and hair scrunchies, cashmere wraps and scarves, and Turkish cotton bath towels and bath mats. Calidad Home is based in the UK, and worldwide shipping is available.

£47.95 at Calidad Home

The Calidad Home Silk Pillowcase foled up to show the light pink color
The Calidad Home silk pillowcase on a pillow to show the true size

Naturesfae Beanie

I recently won the “It’s never too late to grow” Ghostie Beanie from Naturesfae, which is a hand-embroider shop ran by Jade. The beanie is great quality, and I love the design with the ghost, flowers, and little bee. Jade sells other ghostie and floral beanies along with hand-embroidered caps, clothing, necklaces, earrings, and wall art so you are sure to find something for a gift or even for yourself. Naturesfae is based in Denmark, and worldwide shipping is available.

$30+ at Naturesfae

The "It's never too late to grow" ghost black beanie from Naturesfae

Reflective Zines

Mary runs the Etsy shop Reflective Zines, and she sells mental health, poetry, and music zines. I have previously purchased a bundle for Christmas that included Short Poems about Attachment, Image & Word: Contemplating the natural world through photography and haiku, and On Infatuation. I also recently purchased two more zines – Who Am I? An interactive zine to help you explore your ever-growing identity and Spooky Stories about Insane Asylums…and how Mental Healthcare has Improved. The zines are good quality, and I loved the poems. I also loved the Who Am I? zine because there is so much to fill out to help you understand your identity. Reflective Zines is based in the US and worldwide shipping is available.

$1-$10 at Reflective Zines

Four of the zines from Reflective Zines including Who Am I?, Image & Word, On Infatuation, and Short Poems about Attachment

SibberryWood Bookmark

SibberryWood is an Etsy shop run by Tatyana, and she sells wooden bookmarks and garlands. I bought the Bunny Wooden Bookmark for myself, and I absolutely love it. The bookmark is of great quality, and she has tons of other wooden bookmarks available from mushroom, floral, and animal designs. The bookmarks can also be personalized with a name or message to make them even more special. As I mentioned, Tatyana also sells wooden garlands that can be used to decorate a fireplace, wall, entryway, window, table, etc. SibberryWood is based in Russia and worldwide shipping is available.

$2.50-$25 at SibberryWood

The Bunny Wooden Bookmark from SibberyWood

For more Mother’s Day gift suggestions, be sure to check out Lifestyle Prism’s Uncovententional Mother’s Day Gift Guide, Ebun & Life’s 10 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets for Mother’s Day, and Wander & Luxe’s 32 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2021. I have also made The Pet Lovers Gift Guide and a guide for Personalized Gifts for Any Occasion.

38 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Guide

  1. Love all of these ideas! My mum gets to have mother’s day as in Italy and the UK it’s on different days! I love the candle and honestly, I can’t ever say no to Animal Crossing inspired soaps! Thank you for sharing x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a wonderful list – I’m always intrigued by the Silk pillow cases and have actually gifted a couple (but never for myself). Thanks for sharing this!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Pillowcase is lush but woah the price. Lush equals price I guess. Zines idea was good. The eco contribution idea of the candle business was great. It seems a couple of them were also small business you brought to light. Loved the wooden bookmark to extremes. And a huge thank you for linking my post here, I’m truly honored by your kindness. Xx
    Isa A. Blogger


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