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AD – PR Product | My mother’s birthday is this week, and I wanted to share suggestions for personalized gifts for anyone for any occasion.

Personalized Socks

As I mentioned, my mother’s birthday is coming up, and I was kindly gifted a pair of socks from Printsfield that I will gift to her. Printsfield mainly sells personalized socks, but they also sell personalized mugs, stationary, and laptop sleeves, which would make a great gift. They offer different themes including dogs, cats, faces, and food. You can pick the color, design, and upload your own photo for the item you choose. I chose the Dog Personalized Socks in purple (my mother’s favorite color) and I uploaded a photo of her dog Jackson. I already sent a photo of these socks to my mother, and she loves them and thinks they are cute! Also, you can tell a lot about a company when you encounter a problem, and as of writing this post in August, my first order from April never left Florida where Printsfield does their printing. I know mail has been particularly slow lately, but Printsfield assumed the socks were lost, and they offered to send me a replacement, which I received in no time. They have terrific customer service! If you would like to purchase a pair of personalized socks, you can use the discount code talesofbelle20 for 20% off. This discount code is not an affiliate code, and I will not receive any benefits from you using the code. 

€18,95 at PrintsfieldPersonalized socks with my mother's dog's face on them


Personalized Pillowcase

I was kindly gifted a personalized pillowcase for my daughter from Personalised Gifts Market. They offer a range of designs from superheroes and pirates to mermaids and unicorns. I let my daughter choose a design, and she decided on one of the princesses, and I of course added her name. The pillowcase is good quality, and it is approximately 45×75 cm, which is big enough to fit most pillows (I folded the pillowcase for the first photo to get a closeup of the design). When the pillowcase arrived in the mail, my daughter was so happy because she picked out the design and now she has it! Along with pillowcases, Personalised Gifts Market also offers personalized shirts, cushion covers, and gym bags for kids as well as personalized gifts for him, her, and the home. 

£14.99 at Personalised Gifts MarketPersonalized pillowcase with a princess on it
personalized princess pillowcase shown on a pillow


Custom printable poster with two friends in pajamas and Merry Christmas at the top of the imageCustom Printable Posters

Another great option for a gift is a custom poster from Pretty Wild Things. I have previously received the Custom Christmas Best Friend Poster, which you can see the printed version in my Hygge Christmas Gift Guide. Serena offers tons of other customizable designs such as various other best friend posters, posters with dogs and cats, and with the family, which would be perfect for any occasion. Once Serena completes the design, she sends you the digital file that you can print and gift to your friends and family or keep for yourself. 

$5.36+ at Pretty Wild Things


Personalized Mug

I was originally gifted this mug from Signature Gifts last year, which I included in my Stranger Things Gift Guide, and I still love it! Whenever me and my parents went on vacation, I would always look in the gift shops at the personalized items you could buy with your name on it, but they would never have my name (the closest was Kara, but that is not my name). This mug was the first gift I received with my name on it, and the design is perfect! I regularly use the mug, and after of a year of use, the design and my name show no signs of chipping or fading either. The Stranger Things design is no longer available, but Signature Gifts has plenty of other designs for everyone of all ages and for all occasions. 

£9.99+ at Signature Gifts


Custom Photo Book

Two Christmases ago I made a photo book for my parents in the US and another one for my daughter’s grandma in Denmark using Mixbook. Photo books make a great gift for family especially for those that you do not get to see often. For both photo books, I included photos from when my daughter was born up until her 2nd birthday. With Mixbook, I picked a book design I liked, and it was easy to change the layout of the page and add all the photos I wanted. The photo book is also good quality, but the price does vary depending on the number of pages you have, the size, type of paper, and style of the cover. If you are looking to create your own photo book, I definitely recommend Mixbook.

Price varies at MixbookA custom photo book from Mixbook


Illustrated Header and Logo

The last recommendation I have is for any bloggers, vloggers, and indie brand owners, and it is an illustrated header and logo from Art by Lena. My original header and logo for my blog were ones I made with Canva, but after a while, I wanted something new. Lena was great to work with, and I was able to tell her what I wanted for the design and she sent me pictures and updated me during the process of creating my blog’s header and logo. I was also able to tell her changes I wanted, and I am so happy with how my header and logo turned out. If you or anyone you know is looking for a new personalized header and logo, I definitely recommend Lena!

£17+ at Art by LenaTales of Belle illustrated header from Art by Lena

Do you like receiving and giving personalized gifts?


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21 thoughts on “Personalized Gifts for Any Occasion

  1. Happy birthday to your mum! Hope you and she will have a great day😊 Personalised gifts are, I think, usually the best gifts to hand out to someone, as it only shows that you have put some originality and effort into a gift 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! She went hiking with my dad to a waterfall so I think she had a good day!
      Yes!!! I always enjoyed making my own gifts too b/c it just shows that you care about the person to make them a gift

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Recently, I’ve been into 3D printed gifts and flower arrangements. 3D printed because they allow me to design whatever it is I envision, and the small retailers will execute it for me. Thanks for sharing these ideas too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Personalized gifts are great & that’s awesome you got your husband a bottle of personalized whisky & he still talks about it!
      Thank you! Lena is amazing!


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