The Pet Lovers Gift Guide

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AD – Sponsored | To continue from my last personalized gift guide, I wanted to share personalized gift suggestions specifically for pet lovers.

Whether is their birthday, Christmas, or just because, personalized gifts would make a wonderful and memorable gift. For pet lovers, there are tons of options for personalized gifts for both them and their pets. For this gift guide, I will focus on 8 suggestions that would certainly make a great gift for any pet lover you know.


Illustrated Pet Portrait

The first suggestion I have is for an illustrated pet portrait from vectorpets. With Vector Pets, you upload an image of a pet, and the image can include 1-6 animals. You then select if want the illustration in a detailed or cartoon style as well as if you want the illustration to include the pet’s head, head and neck, or full body. You can also choose extra add-ons such as removing a collar or leash from the design or having an extra fast delivery. Once you submit your request, within 72 hours, you will receive an email with the illustrated pet portrait. You can then send the digital copy or print and possibly frame the pet portrait to give as a gift. The illustrated pet portraits are an affordable option for a gift with prices starting at $10. If you are curious about the process of how Vector Pets creates the illustrations from the photos, here is a video from their YouTube channel detailing the process.


Personalized Socks

As I mentioned in my Personalized Gifts for Any Occasion guide, I gave my mother personalized socks that had her dog’s face on them for her birthday. I was able to choose the design and color and upload a picture of her dog. She loved the socks and thought they were cute. Customized socks and other clothing and accessories such as shirts. keychains, and phone cases would be a great gift for any pet lover.Personalized socks with my mother's dog's face on them


Custom Jewelry

To go with the personalized socks and clothing, custom jewelry of the pet lover’s pet would be another thoughtful gift. You can find custom jewelry on Etsy and like with the personalized socks, you will upload a photo of the pet, and the image can be turned into a personalized necklace and bracelet and even handpainted earrings. However, not everyone wears jewelry or has their ears pierced, but luckily I have other suggestions for personalized gifts as well.


Custom Blanket

As well as personalized clothing and jewelry, a custom blanket would be a cute and cozy gift for a pet lover. For the blankets, you can upload a photo of the pet and choose the background color or design. Along with blankets, the photo can also be uploaded and used for pillow covers. Both the blanket and pillow would definitely be great cozy gifts for pet lovers.


Personalized Mug

Another gift suggestion I have is for a personalized mug. Similar to the blankets and pillow covers, you can upload a photo of the pet and choose the background color or design of the mug. For the pet in their life, you can gift a pet bowl that has their image and name on the bowl. Both the personalized mug and bowl would be thoughtful gifts for the pet lover you know and their pet.


Paw Print Kit

A great personalized gift for pet lovers is a paw print kit. You can either purchase a kit or make your own dough for a mold using flour, salt, and water. You can then put a hole in the top of the mold and after baking the dough, you can create a Christmas ornament, which you can then gift. You can also opt for non-toxic water-based paints and ink to create paw prints on a piece of paper. You can then frame the paw print and gift it. Whatever you may decide, a paw print would certainly be a wonderful keepsake.


Personalized Pet Book

Another gift suggestion I have is perfect for kids, but also pet lovers of any age, and it is a personalized book that features their pet. In the book, their pet will become the main character, and the illustrations will be made to look like their pet as well. You can also add the owner’s name and hometown to make the book completely personalized. Even though the books are usually geared towards children, they would be a great gift for any pet lover regardless of their age.


Donate a Christmas Dinner or Toy for a Dog or Cat

The last suggestion I have is for a feel-good stocking present for any animal-lover in your family. Victoria Bryceson founded Miracle’s Mission, which is a non-profit animal welfare organization that helps sick, injured, and difficult animals. Her mission is to provide a safe place for animals in danger, educate on the need to neuter pets, and to neuter stray dogs and cats. Miracle’s Mission is named after the dog Miracle who was rescued from the streets of Borneo when she was one-week-old. She was injured and weak, but she made a miraculous recovery and is now a strong, happy, and healthy dog. You can purchase a Christmas dinner or toy for a dog or cat that Miracle’s Mission fosters for £5 from Your donation will come with a personalized certificate and will make a huge difference in the quality of life of a dog or cat during this time of year.

Miracle’s Mission is also looking for help to build the UK’s first centre for disabled animals, where Victoria and her team can rehabilitate the most vulnerable, before finding them their forever homes. You can donate to the appeal here.

Miracle's Mission founder, Victoria Bryceson holding tiny Miracle in her arms.
Miracle’s Mission founder Victoria Bryceson and Miracle

Are you a pet lover? Would you give a pet lover you know a personalized gift?


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19 thoughts on “The Pet Lovers Gift Guide

  1. These are some cute personalized gifts. I have socks like those with my girl’s face on them – they say Dog Mom and I love wearing them around to show her off. They will be especially nice if I have to travel for any reason (work, personal, etc) and can’t bring her on the trip. At least then I will have something to remind me of my pup waiting for me at home.

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  2. These are all such great ideas! I got a small pillow not long ago with a picture of my latest dog and it was such a great idea! WOuld love to get socks or a blankets too, thank you for sharing x

    Liked by 1 person

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