My Christmas 2020 Anti-Wish List

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As a follow-up to My Christmas Wish List post, I wanted to create a Christmas anti-wish list where I make a list of makeup I do NOT want for Christmas. I have created a Christmas Anti-Wish List 2 years ago, and I would like to do it again because I do not really follow makeup releases anymore because I mainly only buy makeup that I need or I know I get a lot of use out of. Now onto my anti-wish list!

ColourPop x Hello Kitty and Friends Snow Much Fun Collection: The collection is cute especially since it is winter Hello Kitty themed, but I feel like the shades of the eyeshadow palette, blushes, and lip glosses are not unique and I already have them in my makeup collection. The eyeshadow palette reminds me a bit of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Palette, and I know for a fact I have pink and coral blushes as well as glosses in various shades. Even though the collection is cute, it is not for me. Other recent releases from ColourPop I have no interest in are The Mandolarian The Child Shadow Palette and the forest-themed ColourPop x Raw Beauty Kristi Collection with the At Forest Sight Shadow Palette, four Super Shock Shadows, three Gel Liners, and two Lux Glosses.colourpop x hellp kitty and friends snow much fun collection


Urban Decay Decades Mini Eyeshadow Palettes: I love that the palettes are the ’70s to the ’00s themed, but since there are only 6 shades in each mini palette, I feel like I would only be able to create 2-3 looks with each palette. Also, the mini palettes are expensive at $25 each, and other full-size palettes like the Born to Run Palette would be more cost-effective.the four urban decay decades mini eyeshadow palettes


Melt Cosmetics x Beetlejuice Collection: This is the only collection that I actually knew about before it was released, but I was not impressed especially by the price. I love Beetlejuice, but I felt like the Recently Deceased Palette did not have enough variation because you can create a yellow look, a purple look, then a combination of the two colors. Also, the palette is $48 for 8 shades! The Waiting Room Palette has more variation in shades, but it is $58 for 10 shades. The mascara is also a regular black mascara and the gel liners did not appeal to me. I do like the Lip Paints especially the Weirder & Weirder Lip Paint, but I have enough lipsticks already. the melt cosmetics x beetlejuice collection


Makeup Revolution x Nightmare Before Christmas Collection: I also love The Nightmare Before Christmas, but I feel like the Jack and Sally palettes are a hodgepodge of shades and there is not a cohesive color story. There are also a ton of neutral shades, and I would prefer more colorful palettes. The palettes are affordable though at $24 each for 36 shades. The rest of the collection with the lip glosses and highlighters I feel like I already have from other brands. Makeup Revolution also has a huge Friends Collection, but I have not seen a single full episode of Friends, so the collection is not for me. However, there are some cute palettes and lip products.the makeup revolution x nightmare before christmas collection


the tarte tartelette give, gift & get amazonian clay eyeshadow wardrobeTarte Tartelette Give, Gift & Get Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Wardrobe: When I first started wearing makeup, I loved using the Tarte Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Palette, but now I love doing colorful makeup looks. This set costs $49 and contains 3 mini Tartelette palettes – Lil’ Bloom, Lil’ Toasted, and Lil’ Juicy, which are based on the full-size Tartelette palettes. However, most of the shades are neutral with the exception of the Lil’ Juicy palette. If you like neutral shades, I would definitely recommend the mini Tartelette palette set, but these palettes are not for me.


the nyx diamonds & ice mega paletteNYX Diamonds & Ice Collection: I feel like this collection is a bit weird because it has a lot of their fan-favorite products repackaged and sold under the Diamonds & Ice Collection such as the Glossy Lip Trio, Matte Lip Trio, Powder Puff Lip Trio, Soft Matte Lip Vault, etc. There are some new products in the collection including the Mega Shadow Palette, three 6-Pan Shadow Palettes, four Shadow Jellies, six Lipsticks, and three Lip Toppers. However, if you get the Diamonds & Ice, Please Mega palette, I do not think it would be necessary to get the Diamonds & Ice, Please 6-Pan palettes as I feel like there are repeat shades. The Mega palette does look pretty, but I do not need it. The lip products also look pretty, but again, I have plenty of lipsticks and lip glosses.


the becca x barbie ferriera prismatica face paletteBecca x Barbie Ferriera Prismatica Collection: This is a rather small collection with a Face Palette, Light Essentials Kit, Lip Gloss Kit, and Light & Lip Duo. The palette only has 5 shades including 4 neutral shades and a purple shade, and it is $42 so it is a definite pass for me. As far as the Light Essentials Kit, I have the Becca Pressed Highlighter in Champagne Pop that I won from the Sephora here, therefore, I do need a mini of that highlighter and two other highlighter shades. As I mentioned before, I have plenty of lipsticks and lip glosses, so I do not need or want the Lip Gloss Kit especially since they are normal lip gloss shades and not unique at all.


Kylie x Grinch Collection: I actually watched NikkieTutorials review of the collection, and I agree with a lot of the points she made. The Grinch Pressed Powder Palette is cute, but I would like more colorful shades. The Olive Liquid Kyliner Pen is not my cup of tea, and the Reindeer Blush, Littlest of Whos Kylighter, Sweet Like Candy Cane High Gloss, and Snowcapped High Gloss are a bit boring and I already have a pink blush and similar highlighters and glosses in my collection. The Stealing Christmas and Lil Grinch Shimmer Eye Glazes are pretty, but for $20 each, that is a bit ridiculous. The lipsticks look nice, but again I have red, mauve, and pink lipsticks already and I do not care for nude lipstick shade. All in all this collection is a no from me.the kylie x grinch collection


Wet n Wild Star Lux Collection: I have not used Wet n Wild makeup in over a year, but I was curious what their latest collection was as their makeup is affordable and one of the first makeup brands I used. Their latest release is the Star Lux collection which includes three Star Lux Shadow Quads, three Star Lux Glitter Highlighter Duos, five Star Lux Lip Glosses, two Star Lux Lip Scrubs, and a Star Lux Starlighter Brush. The shadow quads are $5 each and I like the mix of matte and shimmer shades, but none of the shadow quads appeal to me. The highlighters are cute, but I do not understand why there are actual stars in the glitter shade. The lip glosses are a bit boring, and I do not need lip scrubs or a highlighter brush.the wet n wild star lux collection


the anastasia beverly hills soft glam II mini eyeshadow paletteAnastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam II Mini Eyeshadow Palette: I was looking at Anastasia Beverly Hill’s latest releases, and it seems they mainly have holiday sets and brush kits, but I did notice that they released a mini of the Soft Glam palette. I have never wanted the full-size Soft Glam palette because it is on the more neutral side, so I definitely do not want the mini version of the palette. The mini is also $32 for 8 shades ($4 per shade) whereas the full-size is $49 for 14 shades ($3.50 per shade), so if I did want the Soft Glam palette, I would go for the full-size and not the mini.


the fenty beauty snap shadow eyeshadow palette in pastel frostFenty Beauty Snap Shadows Eyeshadow Palettes: The Snap Shadows Palettes are 10 mini palettes with 6 shades each and cost $25. Two palettes can be snapped together to create a custom palette, but I find $45 expensive for a 12 shade palette. You do save $5 if you buy two palettes, but the only palette I like is 8 Pastel Frost and I really do not want to spend $25 on a 6 shade palette.


Too Faced Enchanted Sets: For Christmas, Too Faced created four Enchanted makeup sets, and to me, they are all somewhat boring. The Enchanted Beauty Foxy Neutrals Makeup Set is $36 and has a 12 shade neutral palette, highlighter and blush duo, and a travel-size Damn Girl Mascara, and as I mentioned before, I do not like neutral palettes. The Enchanted Wonderland Makeup Set is the most expensive out of the four sets at $49 and it has 3 separate palettes with 6 shades and 2 face products each along with a travel-size Better Than Sex Mascara. Again, most of the shades of the palettes are neutral, which is not for me. The Enchanted Forest Makeup Set is $44 and has 20 shades with 4 face products palette, a Lip Injection Lip Gloss, and a travel-size Better Than Sex Mascara. There are some pretty shades in the palette, but most are on the neutral side and the lip gloss looks like a lip gloss shade I already own. The Enchanted Beauty Unbearably Glam Makeup Set is the most appealing to me and it has a 12 shade palette, a highlighter and blush duo, and a travel-size Better Than Sex mascara. The price for this set is $36, which is reasonable, but I do not really want the set enough to spend even that. Another one of Too Faced’s recent releases is the Mariale Amor Caliente Eye Shadow Palette, and I LOVE the Amorcito shade, but the rest of the shades are not that interesting to me.the too faced enchanted wonderland makeup set

What is on your Christmas anti-wish list? 


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29 thoughts on “My Christmas 2020 Anti-Wish List

    1. Yes exactly! I would maybe want the palette if it was half the price!
      The last makeup I bought on release was the NikkiTutorials x Beauty Bay palette for my birthday, but besides that I don’t really buy makeup on release


  1. I love the idea of this post. I have to say a few of the eyeshadow palettes I wouldn’t want either because I don’t particularly like the colours, but the Wet n Wild Star Lux Collection looks beautiful. I will need to check this out.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am not a huge make up fan so I have not heard of many of these but this is such a good idea for a blog post.

    Top of my anti-wish list would be a new microwave. We need one, but I am no WAY letting my fiancé buy me one as he keeps suggesting!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! The Urban Decay palettes just came out at the end of November. I love colorful shades so the only palette I would be interested in is the 80s Pop Queen palette, but it’s expensive!


    1. Thank you & yes! When I first started wearing makeup, I loved neutral eyeshadow, but now I only want colorful eyeshadow & there are so many palettes that will have like 1 colorful shade.


  3. Oh man, this is a great idea! I’m pretty sure if I wrote a post like this, it would be never ending because I’m such a picky gift receiver! I like to think of myself as an intentional buyer and a minimalist-ish haha. I’m not really familiar with make up but I loved reading your thoughts xx

    Liked by 1 person

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