Reading Through Cookbooks

To help myself find new recipes to try as part of my 25 Things To Do Before Turning 25 post, I read through some of my cookbooks.

Grønt 24/7 (Greens 24/7) by Jessica Nadel: This cookbook includes 100 vegan recipes ranging from smoothies and breakfast, soups and salads, dinners, and desserts. I have this book in Danish, but it is originally in English. I found two recipes that caught my eye. On page 136 there is a recipe for samosa burritos. I have never made burritos before, and I would not even think about making Indian burritos, so this would be a great recipe to try. On page 169 is a pie recipe with rhubarb and chard. I have been wanting to make a rhubarb pie for a while now, so making this one sounds good.

$22.16 at Book Depository


Powerfood Revolutionen by Kirsten Skaarup: This cookbook includes 60 breakfast, lunch, salad, soup, dinner, and dessert recipes that use powerfoods (vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, and seeds) to boost your energy and keep you healthy. However, this book is only in Danish. I found two recipes that are common Danish dishes that are made vegan in this book. On page 52 is a recipe for leverpostej. Leverpostej is made with pork and it is similar to liver pâté. In this recipe, the leverpostej is made with lentils and vegetables. On page 134 is the recipe for quinoa frikadeller. Frikadeller are made with minced meat (normally veal and pork), but this recipe uses quinoa and vegetables instead.

Only available in Denmark


Svampe Kogebogen (A Cook’s Initiation into the Gorgeous World of Mushrooms) by Philippe Emanuelli: This cookbook includes 127 recipes with mushrooms. This book is in Danish, and it was originally published in French, but it is also available in English. I found two recipes I would like to make. On page 196 is a recipe for sushi balls with shiitake mushrooms. I have not made sushi before, but it looks good with the shiitake mushrooms. The other recipe is on page 218, and it is for mushroom risotto. I have only made an asparagus risotto in a crock pot before, so I think it would be great to make one with dried mushrooms.

$30.87 at Book Depository


The Lotus and the Artichoke by Justin P. Moore: This cookbook has 100 vegan recipes from around the world including from the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Europe, and I found a few recipes I would like to make. Also, this book is in English. On page 41 from the Americas is a recipe for a mango pear crumble. I have not made a crumble before, and I love mango, so it sounds good. From Asia on page 53 is the recipe for steamed wontons. I have also never made wontons before, and these are made with vegetables and tofu. I enjoy eating tofu, so it would be fun to make these wontons. The last two recipes are from Europe. On page 179 is a recipe for vegan schnitzel that is made with white beans and spices, and it looks delicious. On page 207 is apfelstrudel, which is an Austrian-German apple pastry. I love desserts with baked apples, so I would like to make this pastry.

$26.01 at Book Depository


The Lotus and the Artichoke Mexico by Justin P. Moore: This cookbook includes 60 vegan Mexican recipes including salads, soups, main dishes, and sweets. This book is in English. On page 55 is a recipe for tamales with black beans and smoked tofu. I have never made tamales before, but I have eaten before and they taste delicious. On page 69 is the recipe for brunch burritos that are made with a tofu scramble, potato wrap and cheese sauce. I have not had a tofu scramble before, and I also do not make vegan cheese sauces, so it would be fun to make this dish. The last recipe is on page 99 and it is for empanadas de manzana y piña, which are baked apple and pineapple pockets. As I previously mentioned, I love desserts with baked apples, and these empanadas look delicious.

$19.24 at Book Depository


Frozen Yogurt by Constance and Mathilde Lorenzi: This cookbook includes 65 recipes with frozen yogurt. I have this book in Danish, but it is originally in English. I have never made frozen yogurt before, and I found a few recipes I would like to try. On page 36 is a recipe with natural frozen yogurt and a strawberry cookie. The cookie looks delicious, and it would probably taste good with the frozen yogurt. On page 86 is the recipe for frozen speculoos. I have never heard of speculoos before, but they are a type of Belgian biscuit. The speculoos are served with frozen strawberry yogurt, and it looks delicious. The last recipe I found is on page 92 with yogurt and green tea. I love tea, and I think it would taste great to mix it with yogurt and fresh fruit.

$23.87 at Book Depository


Swedish Food: I previously used this cookbook for my Christmas Crullers Recipe post. This book includes 200 Swedish recipes, and most of the main dishes include meat, but there are a lot of dessert recipes. This book is English, and the recipes list both the English and Swedish names for the dishes. On page 96 is a recipe for äppleknyten, which are apple dumplings. I love apple desserts, and these seem easy to make. On page 108 is danska wienerbröd or Danish pastry. I am mainly interested in making these because they are Danish, but they look delicious. The last recipe I found is on page 117 for rulltårta or jelly roll. I have always wanted to make a roulade, but it seemed difficult to make. However, this recipe looks easy to follow.

Price varies, but available from individual sellers online

Would you like to see me make any of these recipes? What is your favorite cookbook?

29 thoughts on “Reading Through Cookbooks

  1. Don’t worry about the rulltårta, it’s super simple 🙂 Do give it a go! The only thing that’s simpler is chokladbollar, you know, these guys: (i.e. things that don’t involve actual cooking/heat).

    As for favorite cookbook, I quite like River Cottage Veg Every Day! by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. There’s an amazing rice-curry-aubergine-onion-zucchini concoction in it, one of my go-tos for sure.

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    1. Oh I know those! They do look really simple to make & I like that there’s no baking 😊
      I’ll definitely have to check out that cookbook! Thrdish sounds interesting & delicious! 😄

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    1. Ew haha I don’t know anyone who would want mushroom ice cream. I also found a lot of dessert recipes w/ avocados & they didn’t look appetizing either!


  2. I always like looking through cook books for inspiration. I love the look of the frozen yogurt one, that’s the sort of book I need in my life haha.


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  3. Some really interesting books here, I absolutely love looking through cookbooks. Would love to see how you’d make frozen yogurt, sounds so interesting xx

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  4. I’ve been thinking about clearing out some of my cook books, I may have every vegetarian recipe book in print – then I see your mushroom and think oooh yum. Mushroom risotto is delish!

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