Lush Lip Scrubs Review 

When Lush had their winter collection, I received the Lush Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub as a Christmas gift. I have previously reviewed the Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub, and I wanted to review the scrubs together since they have so many similarities.

I originally purchased the Mint Julips scrub because my lips often got dry and flaky. After using all of that scrub, I received the Sugar Plum Fairy scrub. I use the lip scrubs before putting on lipstick or gloss, and it makes my lips feel so soft and smooth. The Mint Julips scrub has a wonderful mint scent whereas the Sugar Plum Fairy scrub has a sweet blackcurrant scent. Both scrubs are also edible, but if you would rather not eat it you can wipe off the excess with a tissue. If you do decide to eat the excess, the scrubs have a great taste. The Mint Julips scrub has a mint taste with a hint of chocolate, and the Sugar Plum Fairy scrub has a blackcurrant taste that has a hint of orange. Neither of the flavors taste artificial, but I prefer the Mint Julips flavor over the Sugar Plum Fairy flavor. The scrubs are a little messy to use because of the sugar granules, but they are effective at reducing the dryness of my lips. The price is also reasonable for the amount of scrub in the container, and one scrub generally lasts 5 months for me (I purchased the Mint Julips scrub in August and by the end of December I needed a new scrub). I would definitely recommend the Lush Lip Scrubs to anyone who has dry lips or wears drying lipsticks.Overall, the Lush Mint Julips and Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrubs smell and taste great and leaves my lips soft and moisturized.

$10.95 for the Mint Julips Lip Scrub at Lush

The Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub is no longer available as it was part of the winter collection

Rate: 9/10

55 thoughts on “Lush Lip Scrubs Review 

  1. Will love to hear more about Berlin, and you sure know why I am so eager…. It is the land where my Soul Mate resides 😊
    How are You? How was your trip? Please will love to know all… But am patient to get all news…. Be blessed

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  2. Berlin is on my bucket list so I’d love to hear all about your trip! Ah this mint julips scrub is amazing isn’t it? One of my firm favourites too 🙂 Lisa

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  3. i have crazy dry lips! i’m trying to take care of them now, so they don’t get out of hand in the winter when i’m wearing darker lip colors. where do you buy the lush lip scrub? i don’t think i’ve seen it before!

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  4. I love the Mint Julips one, I bought it a couple of months ago and it’s part of my weekly routine! It works wonders on my forever-chapped lips!

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