Tony Moly I’m Real Masks Review

A while back I bought 5 Tony Moly I’m Real Masks from Ulta, and I decided to try the sheet mask a day challenge with them.

First of all, the sheet masks are rather thin and tear easily, so be extra careful unfolding them. The sheet masks are also soaked in product, but not so much that the mask is weighed down and falls off the face. There was some excess product in the package, which I used on my neck. The sheet masks have a somewhat good fit, but some of the areas were too small like the nose while other areas were too big like the upper lip. I wore each of the masks for 30 minutes.


Day 1 

I’m Real Aloe Mask Sheet: The aloe mask is used to moisturize the face. The mask has a nice light scent, but it is not like aloe. The mask did leave my face feeling soft and moisturized, but that is the only difference I saw. I would recommend this mask if you have dry skin.

$3.75 at Ulta

Rate: 7/10


Day 2

I’m Real Rice Mask Sheet: The rice mask is used to clear the skin. This mask has a nice pleasant scent, and my face did feel moisturized. However, I did not notice a difference in the appearance of my skin. The mask did not help brighten my skin, even out my skin tone, or reduce the redness I had. This was my least favorite mask out of the 5, and I would definitely not recommend it.

$3.75 at Ulta

Rate: 4/10


Day 3

I’m Real Seaweed Mask Sheet: The seaweed mask is used to purify the skin. The mask has a nice scent especially since it does not smell like seaweed. The mask did help make my skin look a little better by cleansing it, and my face also felt moisturized. This was a decent mask, but I would not recommend it because there are better masks that help the skin.

$3.75 at Ulta

Rate: 7/10

Day 4

I’m Real Red Wine Mask Sheet: This mask is used for pore care. The scent was decent, but I am not a fan of the wine-like scent. I did notice a difference in the appearance of my skin, but the mask did not do much for my pores. I would not recommend this mask for reducing the appearance of pores.

$3.75 at Ulta

Rate: 5/10


Day 5

I’m Real Tee Tree Mask Sheet: This mask is used to help soothe the skin. This was my least favorite scent because the tea tree oil was a bit too strong. However, I did notice immediate results after using this mask. My face looked a lot better because the mask helped reduce the redness I had and it also evened out my skin tone. Even though the scent was strong, this was my favorite mask out of the 5 I tried, and I would highly recommend it.

$3.75 at Ulta

Rate: 9/10


After using a sheet mask a day, I would recommend it if you have dry skin because all of these sheet masks were moisturizing. I would also recommend buying less expensive masks or buying masks in bulk because these 5 were almost $20. Even though the benefits of using a sheet mask a day were pretty good, I will stick to using a sheet mask about once a week.

28 thoughts on “Tony Moly I’m Real Masks Review

      1. I am going to use it one of these days and will also write a review. I bought it because it was on an article as one of the top masks. I should find the article and send it to you. Hugs.

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  1. awe saddness you gave the im real rice mask low score; it’s actually my fav but perhaps im bewitched by its scent than it’s actual results haha i have no idea!
    You gave im real tea tree a 9 score, i haven’t tried that particular one but im inclined to do so. can’t wait! hopefully i get similar results :3

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