Tony Moly Foot Peeling Shoes Review 

I purchased the Tony Moly Changing U Magic Foot Peeling Shoes in my latest Ulta Haul, and after trying the shoes twice now, I wanted to share my review of them.

The first time I tried these shoes was about 6 months ago when my feet were cracking. My feet were starting to get bad again, so I purchased another pair of these shoes from Ulta. I would not use these shoes more often than that because I feel the results will not be as effective if you use them more frequently. 

The package contains a pair of plastic foot peel socks that are filled with a liquid product. The shoes come with tabs to keep them on your feet if you want to walk around in them. The shoes were more than big enough for my feet, so I believe they will fit most shoe sizes. I wore these shoes for close to 2 hours, and it is recommended to wear them for at least 1 hour, so this is not a quick treatment. Like I mentioned before, I can walk around in the shoes, but they can be a little slippery with the product inside them. Besides the slipperiness, the only other downside to these shoes is that the liquid made my feet really cold, and I could not wait to take the shoes off and put on warm comfy socks. After the 2 hours, I took off the shoes and washed my feet in the shower. My feet were slippery after taking off the shoes, so be careful while rinsing your feet. 

Around 3 days after using the shoes, my feet started peeling a little. By day 5 the whole bottom of my feet were peeling. After a little more than a week the top of my feet peeled some. The peeling was completely done after around 2 weeks. None of the peeling was painful, but it is also advised to not forcefully peel your feet. After I took a shower, my feet did peel more than normal. During the whole 2 weeks my feet were peeling, my feet did not look attractive, so I would suggest wearing covered shoes after using these peeling shoes. Once my feet were done peeling, they were no longer cracked and were left feeling soft and smooth.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I used these shoes 6 months apart. These shoes are good to use one once in a while because they remove all the dead skin on your feet and leave them feeling nice and smooth. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Tony Moly Changing U Magic Foot Peeling Shoes if you have dry and cracked feet. 

$6.50 at Ulta

Rate: 9/10

Have you tried these peeling shoes before? 

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