Lush Bath Bombs Review

A few weeks ago I purchased the Avobath, Twilight, and Dragon’s Egg bath bombs from Lush. I enjoy their bath bombs because they often have great scents and leave my skin feeling great, and I wanted to review these 3.

Avobath: This bath bomb was my least favorite of the 3. Even though the water did turn a pretty green color, my skin did not feel moisturized after using it. Also, the bath bomb only fizzed for a short time and the scent was barely noticeable even though in the store it had a much stronger scent. I feel the price is too expensive for this bath bomb, and I will not purchase it again.

$6.45 at Lush

Rate: 5/10


Twilight: This bath bomb was my favorite of the 3 because it has a great lavender scent and it makes my skin feel so soft. The bathwater has a nice pink color that turns purple with an added bit of glitter. The bath bomb is relaxing and I was able to unwind and read Dream House while bathing. When I was finished with my bath, there was no tub residue. I enjoyed using this bath bomb and I would recommend purchasing it.

$6.55 at Lush

Rate: 10/10


Dragon’s Egg: This bath bomb is like an egg with a white shell and orange yolk that’s packed with glitter. Once the middle was exposed, the bathwater turned an orange color. Also, the bath bomb has a nice citrus scent and it made my skin feel smooth. There was some tub residue, but it washed off easily with water.  I would recommend purchasing this bath bomb if you want a different experience from the usual bath bombs.

$6.45 at Lush

Rate: 9/10


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Have you tried any Lush bath bombs?

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