Dream House Book Review

I pre-ordered Dream House by Marzia Bisognin, and I finally got around to reading it after it sat on my desk for a while.


The book was easy to read and it had an engaging story and interesting characters. The story follows the main character Amethyst as she finds herself in front of the Blooms’ house. The Blooms invite her to stay the night as a storm was approaching, but when Amethyst wakes up in the morning, the Blooms are missing. As Amethyst unravels the mysteries surrounding the house, including where the Blooms went, she meets the gardener, the neighbor, an old woman, and a little girl. The story was predictable at times, but it has a heartwarming ending even though some questions are left unanswered. Overall, I enjoyed reading this book and I liked that the story was creepy at times and it left me wanting to know what was actually going on in the house. I would recommend reading this book if you enjoy thrillers or reading in general.

$10.58 at Barnes & Noble

$10.58 at Amazon

Rate: 8/10

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