The Benefits of Online Dating + 10 Virtual Date Ideas

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AD – Sponsored | I was in a long-distance online relationship for over a year, and I wanted to share the benefits of online dating and also 10 ideas for online dates.

Benefits of Online Dating

You can see if there is a connection before meeting in person

Online dating is a great way to connect with other singles and it can be challenging findings someone to meet for many people including if you are a senior dating. However, when you meet someone online, you are able to get to know them without having the awkwardness of meeting someone new in person for the first time and trying to get to know them that way. You can share your interests, likes, and have conversations to see if you are compatible before meeting them in person. If you end liking them, you can go on virtual dates otherwise you can try to meet someone else online.

It is less awkward when you do meet

When you do meet in person, it will most likely be less awkward because you were able to get them beforehand. The first time I met my boyfriend at the time after we had met online, it was awkward at first, but we quickly got over the awkwardness, and we were able to have fun during the rest of the time he came to visit me. By getting to know someone online first, you can enjoy the date more.

You can save money with online dates

To begin with, many online dating sites are free to join, and you can join a site based on your interests or even your age like a senior dating site. When you meet someone on a dating site, you do not have to have your dates in person especially when you are first getting to know them. By having virtual dates, you can save money by not having to pay for travel expenses, the date itself, and anything else you may need. It is also free to join and use Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, and FaceTime for video calling, and many virtual dates can be free or relatively inexpensive.

10 Virtual Date Ideas

#1 Cooking a Meal

A great date idea is to cook a meal together while video chatting. The date does require some planning because you and your date will need to find a recipe to follow, shop for the ingredients, and set a day and time to cook together. If you do not want to cook a meal, you could also bake with your date. During the date, you can follow along in the recipe together then afterward sit down and enjoy the dish you made. Cooking a meal together is a good way to see what your date is like in the kitchen and you can also get to know them more.

#2 Painting

Another creative date idea is to paint together while video chatting and maybe having a glass of wine together. You can also draw or create DIY crafts together. If you do not have the craft supplies already, you will need to get them beforehand, but otherwise you just need to set a date and decide what activity to do together. By having a creative date, you are able to see the artistic side of your date, and you can also talk to your date while creating the art.

#3 Watching a Movie

For a less involved date, you can watch a movie or series on Netflix, YouTube videos, or even listen to a podcast to together. You or your date can share their screen during the video call, and you can enjoy a good show or movie together. If you are watching Netflix, The Quiet Girl Blog suggested using the Teleparty Google Chrome extension as an easier way to watch Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ or HBO with your date. I would not necessarily recommend watching Netflix or YouTube as a first date since you will not be able to talk much without pausing the video, but it is nice when you just want to hang out with your date.

#4 Co-op Gaming

If you and your date are gamers, you can have a co-op gaming night. There are many multiplayer games on Steam, but make sure the game is listed as online co-op and not local co-op as those games require you to be in the same room and use the same computer. If you and your date have a Nintendo Switch, you can play an online co-op game on there, and my personal favorite is Animal Crossing: New Horizons because you can visit each other’s islands, go to their museum, and take photos together. There are also plenty of multiplayer games on Google Play or the App Store if you prefer mobile games. You can also play fun games like GeoGuessr where you guess the random location in Google Maps or Google Feud where you guess the Google autocomplete search. You and your date can take turns or work together playing these games. Along with these games, you can also do online quizzes together. Playing co-op games is a great way to share interests, see if you can work together, or just have a fun time together.

#5 Virtual Tour

If you would like to visit a museum or a zoo with your date without leaving your home, you can always do a virtual tour together. During the video call, you or your date can share their screen so you can see the same things together. Google Arts & Culture is a great resource for museums, galleries, and other places all over the world you can virtually tour. You can also virtually tour landmarks, national parks, theme parks or watch live cams at zoos and aquariums together.

#6 Attending an Online Class

If you and your date would like to improve your skills together, you can consider taking an online class. There are online classes for pretty much everything including cooking, baking, painting, drawing, writing, dancing, playing an instrument, learning a language, etc. The prices will vary depending on the class, but you may find free online classes to take. There are also many great educational videos on YouTube that you could watch with your date. Attending an online class is a great way for you and your date to learn something new together.

#7 Working Out

Working out by yourself is often not that fun, but you and your date could work out together. You can watch YouTube videos, live streams, or plan a workout together. During the workout, you can encourage each other and stay active while still in lockdown. You also do not have to do an intense workout, and you could do yoga or even meditate from the comfort of your home with your date.

#8 Going for a Walk

Even during lockdown, it is good to go outside and get some fresh air. If you would like to bring your date along, you can talk to them on the phone while walking around the park or forest or going on a walking trail. I would not recommend video chatting with your date while going on a walk because you do want to be aware of your surroundings, but going for a walk is a great way to get outside and spend some time with your date virtually.

#9 Reading

If you and your date both enjoy reading, you can consider starting a book club where you and your date read the same book then talk about it during a video call. You also do not have to read a book with your date, and you can read comics, manga, magazines, or articles, and then talk about them with your date. Reading together is a good way to learn more about your date and see what they think on certain topics.

#10 Relaxing and Talking

The best online date could potentially be one where you and your date do not make any plans and you just talk and get to know each other. You do not have to go all out for dates, and it can be good to have a date where you and your date talk about your interests, ask each other questions, and see where the conversation takes you.

What is your experience with online dating? Have you been on any virtual dates?

48 thoughts on “The Benefits of Online Dating + 10 Virtual Date Ideas

  1. Love your date suggestions! I think dating online makes it a little safer too. It’s good to feel like you know someone a little and have seen them for a zoom date or whatever first rather than feeling vulnerable meeting a stranger x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I completely agree! By having a zoom date, you can first see if they’re a catfish & you can also see if you get bad vibes from them before meeting them in person


    1. Thank you! Yes exactly! Especially with the current state of the world, you can get to know someone online first & see if you vibe with them before having a date in person


  2. I met my wife online. We used OKCupid’s messaging system to write long messages. It was like writing love letters. By the time we got engaged, we had written quite a lot and saved them for posterity. It was great.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lovely post! I’ve never done long-distance or online dating but I would often think about how if I didn’t have my husband, I would definitely love meeting someone through online dating. It’s a great way to meet new people. Thanks so much for sharing, Karalee! x

    Lynn |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s fine!
      Yes online dating is great especially with the current state of the world & people might not be comfortable meeting a stranger in person for a first date


  4. I was fortunate enough to find my wife through online dating 8 years ago, but I imagine the world of online dating has changed so much since then! It’s got to be so hard to find the right person nowadays and especially during a pandemic! Virtual dates are becoming more popular and there’s some great suggestions here 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw that’s so sweet you met your wife through online dating! I met my boyfriend 7 years ago in a Facebook group haha. I do agree it seems harder to find the right person, but with online dating and virtual dates it will hopefully not take too long for someone to find the one.


  5. I love all of your ideas. My boyfriend and I did long distance right at the start and I wish we had all of this stuff back then. Love the idea of a virtual date night, dinner and flirting


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! My boyfriend and I were also long distance for the first year of our relationship, but since there was such a large time difference, we didn’t really have any virtual dates like these


    1. Online dating isn’t for everyone, but that’s nice you had fun watching youtube on zoom. I didn’t know about the chrome extension! Thanks for letting me know!


  6. My girlfriend and I (surprise! 😄) have been online dating and in a long distance relationship since March 2020, mostly due to covid and travel restrictions, so virtual dates has been a must. We haven’t done all of these though, so we’ll definitely have to try them out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww I’m so happy for you!!!
      That’s wonderful you & your girlfriend have been doing virtual dates & I hope you two will be able to see each other in person soon!


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