Halloween Pumpkins, Candy, Costumes, and Dirt Brownies

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Halloween this year is definitely different for most of us, but I tried to have a fun day at home for my daughter.

To begin with, last night me and my daughter made dirt brownies with gummy bugs and Oreo cookie crumbles. She helped from start to finish, and she loved decorating the brownies with the bugs and Oreos.

the dirt brownies me and my daughter made with chocolate brownies, chocolate icing, gummy bugs, and Oreo cookie crumble

My daughter painting the white pumpkinThis morning for breakfast I made eggs, baked beans, and toast, which is one of my daughter’s favorite breakfasts. After breakfast, we did a candy hunt since we would not be going trick or treating. I hid candy around our living room, and my daughter would find them. We played for several rounds, and afterwards we painted a white pumpkin. My daughter painted an apple, broccoli, coins, the sun, and things like that. She wanted me to paint with her, so I painted an apple tree and cat.

The vegetarian sushi rolls I had with tofu, avocado, cucumber, and seaweed saladAfter painting the pumpkin, we made plans for an easy lunch because I already cooked breakfast and I would be cooking dinner as well, so we decided on takeout sushi. When I celebrated my birthday in September, we had sushi, and my daughter loved it, so I knew she would like sushi for lunch. I got my favorite vegetarian rolls with tofu, avocado, cucumber, and seaweed salad and my daughter had salmon and avocado nigiri and we shared avocado rolls.


My daughter taking out pumpkin seeds from inside the pumpkin with an ice cream spoonAfter lunch, we carved the big pumpkin. My daughter helped clean the inside of the pumpkin, and I carved it. I always let my daughter pick the design, and for this Halloween, she chose a bat. Two Halloweens ago she chose Peppa Pig, but this year she wanted something Halloween. I did not have a stencil nor an actual pumpkin carving kit, but I think the bat turned out cute, and it looked great light up with candles.


After I had carved the pumpkin, I cleaned up the living room of pumpkin bits, and afterwards I did my makeup and we changed into our costumes. I wore my orange pumpkin sweater and my skirt with bats, so I did an orange makeup look. Earlier this month I also did a Dark Alice Makeup Look if you would like to check it out.Β  My daughter wore her witch costume and carried around a cat.

My orange and yellow makeup look I did to match my orange sweater with a pumpkin face

My daughter in her pink witch dress and hat and eating the red pepper and cucumber slices with the ranch dipMy daughter was getting hungry, so I made jack-o’-lantern faces on a red and yellow pepper and filled them with red pepper and cucumber slices and served them with a ranch dip and hummus, which she loved. After eating the snacks, I worked on making dinner and she played the candy hunt again. She also played Animal Crossing New Horizons for a bit because they have a Halloween event in the game. For dinner, I made pumpkin soup, garlic bread, bacon-wrapped asparagus, and since I was not sure if my daughter would like the soup, I made hot dogs as well. Now my daughter is asleep, and I am finishing up this post. I will also play ACNH for a bit and finish watching Spirited Away on Netflix.

What did you do for Halloween?


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38 thoughts on “Halloween Pumpkins, Candy, Costumes, and Dirt Brownies

  1. Looks like both you and your daughter had an amazing time! Great pictures, and the food looks delicious! Surprisingly I didn’t do much this year, as I already did a lot when I was counting down on my blog for Halloween lol. As anime month is starting in November I’m watching some anime, and have also read a bit. All in all a bit of a different but altogether still fun Halloween!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and of course happy Halloween! πŸŽƒ

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  2. The sushi you made looks delicious! Our sushi never turns out that nice. I also played ACNH today – if you would like my friend code let me know and I can share it with you in the comments!

    This year, we are going to have dinner at IKEA for a change of scenery. No pumpkins this year, sadly but I do enjoy carving them.

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    1. The sushi was actually takeout haha but the sushi I make doesn’t look that good either
      It would be nice to have your friend code!
      I hope you had a nice dinner at Ikea!


  3. Aww, you and your daughter really spent some quality time together this Halloween! Over here, we don’t celebrate Halloween, so my Saturday went along quite uneventfully with group project meetings and schoolwork. Thanks for sharing about your day with us! πŸ™‚

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  4. I’m glad you had fun for halloween! it sucks that no one could really go trick or treating or anything but it’s good that she still got to hunt for candy anyway! And the bat turned out so cute, it kinda looks a bit like toothless with its big eyes.

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  5. What a lovely day! You really fit a lot in.

    I spent the day cleaning and washing after being on holiday, but I also baked lots of Halloween treats as my Bridesmaid and Maid of honor came over to celebrate what should have been my Hen weekend.

    We had such a lovely time and I really enjoyed baking with my partner, something we never do x x

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  6. I’m honestly pretty envious of your Halloween. It sounds like it was so much fun! I had these big plans to carve pumpkins with my husband and make “bloody” cocktails – but I ended up with a chronic illness flare-up and spent the day in bed instead. I watched the two Twitches movies alone and then watched Hocus Pocus with my husband in the evening and that was the extent of my day haha.

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  7. Aw! Your Halloween looked perfect! I would’ve done the same things as a mom! My husband and I made pizzas and watch some movies πŸ™‚ Lovely reading this!

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