How to Promote Your Blog for Free

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The WordPress Reader is a great way for other bloggers to discover your blog, but after a while, your blog may hit a standstill in growth if you only rely on the Reader. In this post, I wanted to share other ways you can promote and grow your blog.

Twitter Retweet Accounts

One of my go-to and most successful ways to promote my blog is on Twitter. When I publish a blog post, I automatically share it on Twitter, and I be sure to tag 3-4 retweet accounts. When you tag a retweet account, the account is likely to retweet your blog post to their account for their thousands of followers to see. All credit goes to @awcblogsarah who figured out which accounts actually retweet posts when you tag them.

Retweet accounts that do, sometimes, and do not retweet blog posts

Jordanne over at The Life Of A Glasglow Girl also compiled a List of Active Blogging Re-Tweet Accounts. When you are tagging a retweet account, be sure to read the account’s bio as some accounts require you to tag them, use a hashtag, or a combination of the two in order for your post to be seen and retweeted. Besides tagging retweet accounts, another way I promote my blog is by joining blog post sharing threads that are often hosted by the retweet accounts. The accounts will start a thread, and you can share your blog post and find other posts to read. Some accounts I recommend following and joining their blog post sharing threads are @theclique_uk@BloggersHut@BloggersTribe, @cosyblogclub, @USBloggerRT, @BloggerDreamsRT, and @TRJForBloggers. The accounts will either have daily or weekly threads for you to join and promote your blog.


Facebook Groups

As I shared in my Social Media Accounts: How Many is Too Many for a Blogger? post, I do not recommend having a Facebook page for your blog because it is difficult to grow and you have to pay to promote your posts to larger audiences, so the chances of having an engaged audience are slim. However, I do recommend joining Facebook groups for bloggers. A few groups you can join are Blogging Babes, TRJ For Bloggers, Bloggers Camp, and Bloggers Supporting Each Other. You can also find groups based on your blog’s niche(s) or even groups for bloggers in your country. In the Facebook groups you can support other bloggers and in return they can support you and help grow your blog.


Pinterest Group Boards

Another way I promote my blog is through Pinterest. I have recently started using Pinterest for my blog after reading Jade Marie’s The Essential Guide To Pinterest Marketing. My monthly viewers on Pinterest went from 2k to 42k, and my blog views actually went up a little. Pinterest has not had a huge impact on increasing my blog’s views as compared to Twitter, but as I get the hang of using Pinterest, I can see it having a larger impact. If you want to start using Pinterest to promote your blog, I recommend creating pins for your posts on Canva then sharing them in a board that is dedicated to your blog. You can then share your pin in blogger group boards such as Pinterest Bloggers, Bloggers Sharing Board, and Blog Posts Worth Reading as well as groups for the specific niches you blog in.



I have a love-hate relationship with Instagram, but it has helped me a little to increase my blog’s views. I started my Instagram as a personal account then when I started my blog I made my Instagram 100% about my blog. Now it is 50-50 where every other picture will be about my blog, and I prefer it this way, but it is up to you to decide how much you want your account to be dedicated to your blog. When I share a blog related picture on Instagram, I add something along the lines of “Have you seen my latest blog post where I reviewed the @joliebeauty Bomb Dot Com glitter palette? If not, link in bio!” or “A new post is up on my blog on how to make Danish hindbærsnitter for Valentine’s Day! Link in bio!”. Then in my Instagram bio I have a link to my blog. Like with Pinterest I do not get that many blog views from Instagram, but Instagram is a potential way for you to promote your blog on a different platform.


Collaborations/Guest Posting

The last way I found helpful in growing my blog is through collaborations and guest posts. For collaborations, me and another blogger will write separate posts on our own blogs about the same topic and then link to each other’s posts. Some examples of posts where I collaborated with other bloggers is on the 7 Things That Help Me Relax with Lay and 3 Things That Make Me Happy with Rei. To find bloggers to collaborate with I either reach out to my blogger friends or vice versa or I search the #bloggerswanted on Twitter and look for bloggers wanting to collaborate. I also use the #bloggerswanted to look for bloggers wanting guest posts on their blog. Guest posting is different than collaborations in that I will either write a paragraph or a whole post which is then only posted on the other blogger’s blog, and I am credited with writing that post. Some guest posts I have done are 5 Ways Graduate School is Different Than UndergradThe Best Netflix Series in 2019, The 15 Best Free and Cheap Things To Do in Copenhagen, and Where to Get the Best Breakfast and Brunch Around the World. I have also done several blogger interviews including Saturday Shout Out – Tales of Belle, Meet the Blogger: Karalee, and Meet The Blogger: Karalee From Tales of Belle. With both collaborations and guest posting, I can promote my blog to other audiences which will hopefully then help grow my blog.

How do you promote your blog?


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23 thoughts on “How to Promote Your Blog for Free

    1. Thanks! ^ yes I’ve been blogging for 3 years & after a while my blog did hit a standstill, but after promoting my blog on social media & doing collabs/guest posts, it has helped my blog grow

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  1. Just now I’ve been asking someone where do bloggers get all those likes and comments because myself, as much as I love writing its almost like I’m by myself and everyone else is chatting. Thanks for this! I like pinterest so far

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Great post! I love twitter for my blog. I’m trying to get the hang of Pinterest and I share that love hate relationship with instagram too! I haven’t ventured to Facebook, but you may have just inspired me!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you!
      Twitter is my favorite social media platform to use with blogging & hopefully you’ll get the hang of Pinterest! Facebook is also a nice way to promote your blog & find other bloggers as well!

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  3. These are some great tips 🙂 I’m still figuring out Pinterest but I’m starting to see a minor increase in traffic so I think I just need to get to grips with it a bit more. Twitter RT accounts have been amazing at helping me increase my following and I’ve also discovered some fantastic other blogs in the process too! Xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you!
      Yes Pinterest does take some time to get used to, but it’s great that you’re getting the hang of it
      I agree the RT accounts are amazing & I’ve found some great blogs too!

      Liked by 2 people

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