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AD – PR Product | July 4th. It is just another day for those who live outside of the US, but this past July 4th was the premier of season 3 of Stranger Things! I already binge watched the new season, and it was a roller coaster of emotions, and I cannot wait for the fourth and hopefully not the last season. While we wait for the next season of Stranger Things, I created a gift guide for all the Stranger Things fans out there.

For the Bookworms

Suspicious Minds by Gwenda Bond book coverSuspicious Minds by Gwenda Bond: Suspicious Minds is the first official Stranger Things novel that is the prequel to the Netflix series. In the summer of 1969, Terry Ives signs up to be a test subject for an important government experiment at Hawkins National Laboratory. However, a dark conspiracy lurks and to face it Terry will need the help of her fellow test subjects including a young girl with unexplainable powers and a name of 008. Suspicious Minds is perfect for anyone who would want to learn more about the Stranger Things universe.

$13 at Book Depository


Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down by Gina McIntyre book cover

Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down by Gina McIntyre: Worlds Turned Upside Down is a companion to the first two seasons of Stranger Things, and it contains commentary by the Duffer brothers and insight into their creative process, interviews with the cast, cultural artifacts and references in the series, a map of Hawkins, and a look into the future of the series. Worlds Turned Upside Down would be perfect for anyone who wants insight into the behind the scenes of the series.

$29.04 at Book Depository


In a World Full of Tens Be an Eleven Mug: Another great gift for bookworms would be a Stranger Things themed mug to enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea while reading, and that brings me to the “In a World Full of Tens Be an Eleven” Mug that I was kindly gifted. The mug is made of high quality ceramic, and it can be personalized with any name up to 15 characters. Since my name is uncommon, I have never been able to go to a gift shop and find my name on anything, but thanks to I Just Love It not only do I now have this mug that has an amazing design, it has my name on it too! I Just Love It also has two other Stranger Things inspired mugs including the “Mornings are for Coffee and Contemplation” Mug and Bob Newby “Superhero” Style Mug for £ 9.99, and any of these mugs would be perfect for Stranger Things fans.

£ 9.99 at I Just Love It

I Just Love It In a World Full of Tens Be an Eleven Mug and Christmas Lights cupcakes

I Just Love It In a World Full of Tens Be an Eleven Mug filled with tea


Minatur Friends Don't Lie Wooden BookmarkFriends Don’t Lie Wooden Bookmark: To help bookworms keep their place while reading, a bookmark would be a good gift idea. The Friends Don’t Lie bookmark is made from sustainable cherry wood and you can add a customized message and choose the color of the bead.

$11.60 at Etsy

For the Fashion Lovers

H&M Stranger Things Patterned JumpsuitStranger Things Patterned Jumpsuit: H&M released a Stranger Things collection, and one of my favorite pieces is this jumpsuit with an 80s inspired Demogorgon print. The jumpsuit would be perfect for any Stranger Things fan that wants to show off their love for the series in style this summer.

$17.99 at H&M


H&M Stranger Things Tank TopStranger Things Tank Top: Another piece from the Stranger Things collection at H&M is for the men and it is a tank top with the Hawkins Pool Lifeguard logo from season 3. You can also gift the matching Swim Shorts for $17.99 to complete the Hawkins Pool look.

$12.99 at H&M


LadyDiUniqueDesigns Stranger Things Starcourt Mall T-shirtStranger Things Starcourt Mall T-shirt: Besides the Hawkins Pool, another popular location in season 3 is Starcourt Mall, and a Starcourt Mall t-shirt would be a great gift for any fan. The shirt is available in 6 different colors from size small to xx-large and features the Starcourt Mall logo and Hawkins, IN.

$17 at Etsy


Stranger Things SocksStranger Things Socks: Another great gift would be Stranger Things themed socks, and Target currently has a 6 pack of no-show socks with designs including letters with Christmas lights, Friends Don’t Lie, Team Barb, Team Steve, waffles, and a prom pattern.

$8 at Target

For the Foodies

Christmas Lights Cupcakes: If you enjoy baking, you might consider gifting any foodies in your life cupcakes. Stranger Things has changed my view of Christmas lights when Joyce used them to communicate with Will in The Upside Down back in season 1, so what better gift than making Christmas lights cupcakes.

Recipe for Christmas Lights Cupcakes


Pineapple Upside Down Cake: Speaking of The Upside Down, another great foodie gift would be to make a pineapple upside down cake. Not only would it taste delicious, but it would be a subtle nod to Stranger Things.

Recipe for Pineapple Upside Down Cake


Stranger Things Cookies: If you are not so keen on baking, you can buy your foodie a gift instead, and a great option would be Stranger Things themed cookies. The cookies are sold by the dozen and feature the Stranger Things logo, an Eggo waffle, The Upside Down, and letters with Christmas lights. The cookies have a shortbread-sugar cookie taste and texture and are decorated with royal icing.

$36 at Etsy

TheLittleBakerCo Stranger Things Cookies


LittleBrujas Vegan Stranger Things DonutsVegan Stranger Things Donuts: Another foodie option to gift is a dozen of Eleven themed donuts. The donuts are vegan, maple glazed, and in the shape of a waffle with a “blood” splatter.

$55 at Etsy

For the Gamers

Stranger Things 3: The Game: As well as season 3 of the series, the Stranger Things 3 video game was also released on July 4th for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. The video game is the official companion to the series and will play through familiar events as well as never-before-seen quests, character interactions, and secrets. The game is single player and also allows two player local co-op, and it would be perfect for any Stranger Things gamer.

$19.99 on Steam

Stranger Things 3: The Game


Stranger Things Eggo Card Game: For fans of card games, there is the Stranger Things Eggo Card Game where players can be Will, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Eleven, Hopper or Barb. The purpose of the game is to escape from The Upside Down and get rid of all the Eggo cards by playing cards that send the player’s character to the upside down, making other players draw 2 cards, reversing the order of play, summoning the Demogorgon, or causing a rift that sends everyone who was Right Side Up to The Upside Down and vice versa. The game is for 2-6 players and has a 15-30 minute playing time.

$14.99 at Hasbro

Stranger Things Eggo Card Game


Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Starter SetStranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set: Anyone who has watched Stranger Things knows that D&D is a popular pastime for the kids (not as much in season 3 though), but know anyone can start their own Stranger Things D&D campaign. The starter set includes an adventure book, dice, Stranger Things character sheets, and two Demogorgon figures, which would be perfect for new D&D players or players looking to start a new adventure.

$24.99 at Target


Stranger Things Stickers: Besides games, another good gift for gamers would be waterproof and durable stickers for a laptop or phone. These stickers include 14 different designs from season 3 including Will the Wise and Scoops Ahoy to Friends Don’t Lie and You Can’t Spell America Without Erica. The stickers can be bought individually or in a pack with all 14.

$3.60 for one sticker at Etsy

RoseSoma Stranger Things Stickers

For Hygge

Stranger Things Mini Bath Bomb Set: A great gift for anyone who likes to have a bit of hygge or coziness in their life would be a set of bath bombs. The set includes The Eggo, which is orange and vanilla scented, The Message, which is lavender and eucalyptus scented, and The Nose Bleed which is lemon and rose scented.

$7.50 at Etsy

PixieDustGrotto Stranger Things Mini Bath Bomb Set


Mirus Candles Eleven Soy CandleEleven Soy Candle: Another great hygge gift would be a Stranger Things themed candle, and Mirus Candles has a candle inspired by Mike, Will, Dustin, Lucas, Eleven, Max, Nancy, Jonathan, Steve, Hopper, and Joyce. The Eleven candle has notes including maple syrup, Eggos, Hawkins’ Forest.

$15.95 at Etsy


Stranger Things Eleven BlanketStranger Things Eleven Blanket: A great gift for those who like to cozy up on the couch while watching Netflix would be a Stranger Things blanket featuring Eleven. The blanket would make a great throw blanket or a light weight comforter.

$24.99 at Target


Scoops Ahoy Throw PillowScoops Ahoy Throw Pillow: My last recommendation for a Stranger Things themed gift is a throw pillow featuring the Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream Parlor from season 3. The pillow can be placed on a couch or a bed to add more coziness.

$19.99 at Target

Are you a Stranger Things fan?


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14 thoughts on “Stranger Things Gift Guide

  1. Somehow, I had no idea there was so much merch! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but still! This is a great gift guide. I actually want that jumpsuit.

    And now excuse me while I shamelessly plug my own post, because I talked about Stranger Things Season 3 last week and I’m curious to see how others reacted to the new season!


  2. Wow! This was such a cool post! Like you I’m a huge fan of Stranger Things, and I absolutely loved the third season. There is a pretty strong rumor that the 4th season will be the last but well if it is, let’s hope they go out on a high note😊 I have The Worlds Upside Down book by the way. Haven’t yet read it, but it looks very cool 😊


  3. All of these gifts are really cool!! I’d actually go for the first one, the book by Gwenda Bond that sounds really interesting. I’ve also already binge watched the season with my hubby!! Love this show!!


  4. I love the socks, and they’re at Target too. So, that’s awesome. I’m saving this post to Pinterest for when I need Christmas gift ideas. Thanks!


  5. i absolutely love this post! so many amazing stranger things gifts! i’ll be adding a few of these on to my ‘wishlist’!

    tabitha ♥


  6. This is such a cool post! I have loved watching STranger Things!! I think the mug must be my favourite and the socks are too cute to pass!! Always wanted to try and play D & D! x


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