October 2018 YumeTwins

October 2018 YumeTwins

Even though Halloween has already passed, I wanted to share the October YumeTwins box, which was Magical Halloween themed.

I saw a preview of a few items in the October YumeTwins box, and I knew I had to have it. YumeTwins is a kawaii monthly subscription box, but I opted to cancel my subscription after receiving this box. Each box contains 6-8 items ranging from plushies, squishes, practical goods, and stationary and costs $35 a month (there is some savings if you buy a 3, 6, or 12 month plan though). In this box there were 7 Halloween themed items.

Pokemon Hand Towel SetPokemon Hand Towel Set: The set included 3 Pokemon hand towels featuring Pikachu, Eevee, and either the ghost Pokemon Gengar or Mimikyu. I received the Mimikyu towel, and all 3 towels are cute and soft.

Studio Ghibli cup and origami setGhibli Cup: The next item in the box was either a Kiki’s Delivery Service, Totoro, or Catbus cup. I received the Kiki’s Delivery Service cup with Jiji, and it is so cute. The cup is made of plastic, which is perfect for my daughter, and she has already used it several times.

Origami Set: Another Studio Ghibli item I received was the Spirited Away or Kiki’s Delivery Service origami paper. I would have loved the Kiki’s Delivery Service set to go with the cup, but the Spirited Away set is still cute, and it includes 4 different designs with 20 sheets total.

Kawaii cat plush and glovesKawaii Plush: The next item I received was either the cat or rabbit plush. I received a pink cat plush, and it is so cute and super soft. My daughter loves it too, and she has even brought it to kindergarten with her.

Cute Cat Paw Gloves: Another cat themed item I received was the cat gloves. The gloves came in several different colors, and I received the brown ones. The gloves are so cute and warm, but they are fingerless, so they are not practical for the cold winters in Denmark.

Nyanpire file and stickersNyanpire Clear File: The last two items are Nyanpire themed, and Nyanpire is a vampire black cat. I received one of three file designs, and the file can be used to keep records organized. I do not have a specific use for a file right now, but I probably will later on down the road.

Nyanpire Halloween Stickers: The last item in this box was a bonus item, and it was a set of Nyanpire stickers. Like everything else in this box, the stickers are cute and I will probably give them to my daughter since she loves sticker.

Overall, I loved all of the items in this box, which is very rare for a subscription box. All of the items were so cute and fit the Halloween theme with ghost Pokemon, cats (including a vampire cat), and spirits.ย Even though I cancelled my subscription, I would highly recommend YumeTwins if you are interested in a kawaii subscription box.

Do you like kawaii things?

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