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Last week has been so busy that I have not had any time to write a blog post, but I wanted to share what I have been up to.

Last week I had a dentist appointment on Monday, a parent’s meeting at my daughter’s kindergarten on Tuesday, and another meeting at her kindergarten on Friday. Also on Thursday her class made cookies and sold them to raise money for BørneTelefonen, which is an organization kids can call if they need help. We bought several bags of cookies, and my daughter was really proud of making of them.

My daughter holding the cookies

On top of that I have been working on my master’s program. I finished the Introduction to Child Studies course, and I got a B (on a A-F scale) on my final assignment, which I think is good since I did not know what to expect. I am now taking the Historical Perspective on Children and Childhood course, and I finished the first assignment on Tuesday, and I passed (it was graded pass or fail). Now I am working on the second assignment with my partner, and we have to make an audio commentated PowerPoint about an article we read, and the assignment is due this Thursday. After that I will have the final assignment for this course. This course has had a much heavier workload than the first course, but I have been able to manage.

This past week Roskilde had their annual food festival, and on Tuesday night after the parent’s meeting me and my boyfriend ate at Why Food and Cocktails, which is a Vietnamese-Danish fusion restaurant. We ate there before, and it was pretty good, so I was happy they offered a vegetarian option during the food festival. The restaurant offered a 3-course meal that included a fall roll, fried rice with vegetables, and a lime macaron and a small blueberry cake for dessert. The food was delicious!

The fried rice and vegetables from Why Food and Cocktails

This weekend has been busy as well. On Saturday we had brunch with my boyfriend’s dad and then we visited the farmer’s market downtown. I bought a new succulent, and I love it! I have a total of 13 succulents including 1 cactus now haha. On Sunday we went to this home and lifestyle exhibition, and we bought a few food items and I also bought my mother a Christmas present. And that pretty much sums up my week and weekend.

My new succulent

As far as this week goes, it is fall break here, but my boyfriend still has work and I still have school, so my daughter is still going to kindergarten. I am probably going to pick her up early one day and take her to the mall since they have a lot of different activities going on. For this weekend my boyfriend’s mother booked us tickets for the Sagafjord (the old ship that offers lunch, afternoon, and evening cruises in the harbor). This was one of the 25 Things To Do Before Turning 25 I wanted to do, but I have not gotten around to it, so I am excited I am finally going!

What have you been up to?

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    1. Thank you! 😄 & you really can’t, but I am running out of window space for more plants lol
      The restaurant has delicious food & the first time I went there I had one of their cocktails & it was great too! 😊

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