NYX Lip Lingerie Review

I have been wanting to try one of NYX’s liquid lipsticks, so I decided to buy the NYX Lip Lingerie in Baby Doll at Matas.

The Lip Lingeries are a range of nude shades, and Baby Doll is a nude pink shade with great pigment. This lipstick applies liquid and dries completely matte. I do like the doe foot applicator, but I find the applicator a bit long, which makes it easy to go past the lip line when applying this lipstick. Also, the Baby Doll shade does not apply evenly, and I need at least 2 layers to get an even coat. This lipstick does dry quickly, but like with all liquid lipsticks, this one is drying on the lips. I do recommend using a lip scrub like the Lush Lip Scrubs or the Jeffree Star Lip Scrub and a moisturizer or lip balm like the Nuori Lip Treat I received in my November 2016 GoodieBox. A benefit of this lipstick is that it is long-lasting, but it is not transfer proof. The lipstick does not fade when drinking, but it does fade when eating especially on the inner lips and bottom lip. There are 12 shades of the Lip Lingerie available, but I will not purchase another one because this lipstick is just mediocre.Overall, the NYX Lip Lingerie is just an average liquid lipstick that is long-lasting, but not transfer proof.

$7 at NYX

Rate: 6/10

8 thoughts on “NYX Lip Lingerie Review

      1. I say what I have tried. I won’t say it is superrrr cool if it is not. Not for me. I have better liquid lipsticks. But it is for sure better than Gerrard C Hrydra Matte lipstick and it is better than Colourpop lipsticks :-). Nice that we share honest opinions 🙂

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