Moving to Denmark + Visiting Berlin

I am moving to Denmark on Thursday after spending 3 months with my parents in Texas.

Me and my boyfriend already have an apartment in Roskilde, which is about 30 minutes from Copenhagen. I have spent 4 months in Roskilde before, and I absolutely love the city! My favorite places are the parks, the harbor, and the bakeries, so it will be nice to be back! A few days after arriving, I will be visiting Berlin for several days as a gift from my boyfriend’s mother. Neither of us have been to Berlin before, but we are excited to see the Berlin Wall and visit the zoo!

With that being said, I may not have time to blog, but I will try to have some posts ready so I am not completely inactive while I am away. When I am back from Berlin I will post pictures from my trip!

Have you been to Berlin before?

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