NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette Review

I purchased the Highlight & Contour Pro Palette as apart of my NYX Haul. I am a beginner at contouring, but this palette can be used by anyone from beginners to experts. The palette includes 4 highlighting and 4 contouring shades, which can be swapped out with the singles after finishing a shade.

Highlighting Shades

Ice Queen: This is a shimmery pale white shade. I find this one too bright to use alone especially with the added shimmer, so I use this shade in combination with the Soft Light one for highlighting.


Soft Light: This shade is a matte nude and it is close to skin tone, so there is not a noticeable highlighting effect. For this reason, I combine it with the Ice Queen one to create a good highlighting effect.


Cream: This is a matte soft yellow shade, which is good for dark circles under the eyes. It also blends well, but I prefer using my NYX concealer.


Nectar: This is a shimmery soft peach shade. I do not use it as a highlighter because like the Soft Light shade, there is not a noticeable highlighting effect. 


Contouring Shades

Tan: This matte soft brown/red shade is too dark to use on my cheeks for an everyday look, but I could use it if I want a more dramatic look. Like all the contour shades, it can be difficult to blend out, so be careful of how much you apply or else your face will look muddy.


Toffee: This is a matte neutral brown that works great as a contour shade for me. It works well with the highlighting shades, but it is also a little difficult to blend out.


Sculpt: This is a matte taupe shade. This shade has a similar effect as the Tan one for me.


Hollow: This is a matte deep brown shade, which is too dark for my skin tone and very difficult to blend out. This shade makes my face look muddy even when I just use a little amount.

Left to Right: Ice Queen, Soft Light, Cream, Nectar, Tan, Toffee, Sculpt, and Hollow

Overall, this is a decent palette because the colors have great pigment, but it can be difficult to blend out the contour shades especially if you apply just a little too much. The highlighting shades are better and blend easier, but two of them are too similar to my skin tone. Also, some of the highlighting and contouring shades do not work with my skin tone, but they may work for others.

$25.00 at NYX

Rate: 6/10

Have you tried any highlighters or bronzers from NYX?

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