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Today I have a guest post from Kelly at Until Another Day who will be sharing why you should clean your makeup brushes and how to clean them.

It is somewhat of a rarity to find a person who enjoys cleaning their makeup brushes. Leaving our makeup brushes for months at a time, without so much as glancing at a sink, is a common occurrence, but often does more harm than good. Makeup brush hygiene is an important part of keeping our skin in good condition. Dirty brushes will be spreading bacteria into our pores, raising the likelihood of breakouts and blackheads.

A lot of brands offer makeup brush cleansers, soaps, and devices which are designed to not only clean your brushes, but also make them last longer. From personal experience, these marketed products don’t actually do a whole lot, they are essentially overpriced soaps. Simply using a standard liquid hand soap, bar soap, or face wash will work just as well.

To make your life easier, you may want to purchase a brush cleansing palette. Real Techniques have a great palette, which is equipped with a strap to attach to the back of your hand. The palette contains various sized ridges to help remove makeup lodged onto the bristles of your brushes. Another item you can use to clean your makeup brushes is something you are likely to own already…a sieve…yes you did read that correctly. The trusty old metal sieve is a great way to clean makeup brushes.

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The Method

Now that you are armed and equipped, heat your running water so it is lukewarm, we don’t want anything too hot or too cold.

Grab your makeup brush and wet it under the running tap, adding a small amount of your soap or brush cleanser.

Take your sieve or brush cleansing palette and begin to swirl the brush, make sure to add pressure to clean deep into the brush.

You may need to repeat this step a few times on the same brush, particularly for foundation, concealer. or any other cream products. Eyeshadow, bronzer, and blush brushes tend to clean pretty quickly.

Finally, take a clean tea-towel or flannel, and lay your freshly cleaned brushes out on a flat surface. Brushes can take a day or so to dry completely, so make sure you leave a few spares to use whilst they air out.

About the Author

A portrait of Kelly Welburn who runs the blog Until Another Day

Hello, I’m Kelly from Until Another Day and I’m so happy to write this guest post for Karalee. I started blogging back in 2018 to share my love of makeup with the world. Since then, my blog has developed into something much greater, where I regularly showcase a variety of content, including lifestyle, books, and travel. A huge thank you to Karalee for allowing me to guest post and a big thank you to you for reading!

Thank you Kelly for writing this helpful post! I have been there where I have not washed my makeup brushes in an embarrassingly long time, but I follow a similar method where I use fragrance-free liquid soap, bar soap, or baby shampoo and a brush cleanser egg to deep clean my makeup brushes then I let them air dry. I definitely recommend getting a brush cleansing palette as it does clean the brushes more effectively. Thank you again for writing this post and be sure to check out Kelly’s blog and follow her on Twitter @KellyWelburn and Instagram @kellywelburn96.

How do you clean your makeup brushes?


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48 thoughts on “Guest Post | How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

  1. I have a brush egg I use and it works nicely along with this brush spinner I bought from Amazon last year which works sooo great for cleaning in the water bowl and drying too. Also I use this soap I found from Shop Miss A which is literally only a $1 and works fabulous! Love this great post!!

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    1. I agree it is important to keep brushes clean! & yes warm water is the best to clean brushes because if the water is too cold, it won’t clean the brushes well, but if the water is too hot, the water will loosen the glue on the brush handle


  2. I’m hugely embarrassed to admit I don’t remember the last time I cleaned my make up brushes but that is a genius tip about the sieve! Now I have no excuse, I’ll dig out our sieve this weekend, thank you for the reminder and the helpful tips 🙂

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  3. OMG… I have the most embarrassing story from last year haha I cleaned my brushes on NYE and I was so impatient for one of them to dry, I used my hair dryer on it! Worst mistake as the bristles got hard and I had to toss it out. It was a good thing it was a cheap old one, if it was one of my new better ones I would’ve been mortified Lol Thanks for sharing x

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