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Today is an exciting day because I have a guest post from Jordanne at The Life Of A Glasgow Girl to share. We have collaborated to talk about our Christmas Eve traditions, and you can read my Christmas Eve Traditions on her blog! Now onto Jordanne’s Christmas Eve traditions! 

Christmas is a magical time of year, everything about the festive season makes me incredibly happy, especially seeing my sons face throughout the month of December, but one of my favourite days is Christmas Eve.

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I’m honoured to be collaborating with Karalee this year to talk about my Christmas Eve traditions, we have the same one that we have been doing since I was a child and now that I have my own son, I’ve made a point of keeping the tradition alive, with a few tweaks here and there.

Our Christmas eve traditions start early, normally we start with a Christmas movie for my son, Little Bear, whilst my gran and I have our morning coffee before getting ready and cleaning up the house. We like to make sure that the place is clean for the presents being put out later on and so that we don’t have much to do over the next few days so that we can just enjoy ourselves. We also like to change the bedding, do all washings and make sure the list of household chores is at an absolute minimum, I mean, who really wants to be cleaning on their Christmas day?

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Once we have cleaned up it’s time to dive into all the festivities! My little one and I normally do some baking, either cookies or cupcakes to put out for Santa plus to indulge in some sweet treats ourselves, I love baking with my Little Bear and it’s always a fun activity where we make lots of memories. After baking is done, we tend to make some reindeer food if he hasn’t already done so in School, then from there my little one will decide what he wants to do next, the afternoon is spent with Christmas movies and activities to keep him busy as I know he is just itching for Santa to come.

When it hits about 5/6pm at night we exchange our Christmas eve bags, we all get one and little bear gets a box, in the adults there is a new dressing gown, new slippers and new PJs as well as some chocolate which we will eat watching the family movie later on. In Little Bears box he has the same, but he gets a few more goodies like a Christmas book, bath bomb, new DVD and some crisps as his movie treat because he doesn’t like chocolate much. Once we have all opened our stuff, we start doing showers and baths to get all nice and clean for the next day, from there we all get settled in the living room, put on either Elf, The Grinch or The Nightmare Before Christmas, they are our three favourites so it will always be one of these movies.

A cup filled with a hot chocolate that has a snowflake shaped cookie on top. The cup is surrounded by two gingerbread cookies, two rose gold ornaments, and a grey knitted hat.
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We get nice and cosy, everyone in our PJs, snacks at the ready, some hot chocolate and we just chill until it’s time for bed. We put everything off, get the milk, cookies and carrot ready for Santa then Little bear and I read a story in bed to get him to sleep. Once my little one had nodded off, myself and my other half start putting the presents out, building anything that needs it and filling stocking. By this time, we are all extremely tired so it’s off to bed, ready for an early rise the next day.

And that’s our Christmas Eve routine, it’s a tradition that we all look forward to each year, it signals that the festivities are truly underway and sets the tone for the next few days.

Thank you to Karalee for collaborating with me this festive season, it’s been really fun sharing our Christmas eve traditions.


Thank you Jordanne for your wonderful post! It was exciting to collaborate with you and learn about your Christmas  Eve traditions! Also, be sure to check out Jordanne’s blog The Life Of A Glasgow Girl and read my Christmas Eve Traditions post on her blog! 

What are your Christmas Eve traditions?


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