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AD – PR Product | My daughter speaks both Danish and English, and I thought it would be great to have an English educational print from LookLearn for her room.

LookLearn is a company based in England that designs prints for children and adults that are educational and fun as well as stylish. After I was offered to be gifted a print from LookLearn, I let my daughter pick out the print she liked, and she wanted the blue Alphabet print. The print is also available in pink and green. Besides The Alphabet print, there is also the Say ‘Hello’ print that lists hello in 30 different languages, Say Goodbye to Europe which lists how to say goodbye in all the European countries, the Europe Capitals print that includes a map of Europe and the location of all the capitals, a Times Tables print, Telling the Time print, The Solar System print, The Human Skeleton print, and more! All of the prints are £22, and there is free shipping when you purchase two or more prints.

After I requested the print, shipping was fairly quick to Denmark. The print came rolled in a recyclable tube to prevent it from being damaged during transit. Since the print is rolled up, you will have to try and flatten it before hanging it. The print itself is of good quality, and the colors and images were vibrant. The print is also made with recyclable digital paper.

The Alphabet Print by LookLearn

I do not like drilling holes in the walls to hang frames, therefore, I chose to hang the print with tape while my daughter was at kindergarten. While hanging the print, I accidentally got a piece of tape on the rat image, and even though I tried to be careful in removing the tape, part of the image came up. If you are hanging the print with tape, I definitely recommend having someone else to help hold the print while you place the tape on the corners. Despite the damage to the rat image, my daughter was excited when she came home to see the print. She asked what the items and animals were in both English and Danish. Even though the print is based on the English alphabet, it helps her practice Danish as well. She also did not notice the half rat, which was good.

Overall, the LookLearn educational prints are great for children of all ages. For my daughter, the alphabet print was perfect because she could practice the English alphabet while also practicing the names of the items and animals in Danish. I would highly recommend LookLearn for fun and stylish educational prints.

LookLearn Educational Prints

5 thoughts on “LookLearn Educational Prints

  1. This looks great for kids! It took me a while to actually see there was anything wrong (perhaps the rat is just burrowing now!) x


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