Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Under £15/$20

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Under £15/$20 header

AD – PR Product | Valentine’s Day is next week, and to help you find gifts for your partner or friends, I created this guide with gifts from small businesses that are under £15/$20.

Resin Ring

Jewelry is a classic Valentine’s Day gift, and for this Valentine’s Day, why not gift a unique resin ring? The rings can come with pressed flowers and leaves, glitter, and flakes in all different colors. Sizes range from 5-12½ US, so you can be sure to find the right size. For myself, I purchased the Blue Matcha Resin Ring with Silver Flakes, and I love it.

$14+ at livinlovinThe Blue Matcha Resin Ring with Silver Flakes from livinlovin

Pressed Flower Necklace

Another piece of jewelry I recommend is a pressed flower necklace from Ladyville. I was gifted the red flower necklace by a friend, and it is no longer available, but there are other pressed flower necklaces available that are under $20.

$18.35+ at LadyvillePressed flower necklace from Ladyville

Phone Case

I was gifted a phone case from Greatness Reinvented, and I chose the Sunflower case for my Samsung Galaxy S8. The case has a solid back with flexible sides to make it easy to take your case on and off while protecting the screen from scratches, dust, and dirt. The phone cases come in various designs from holiday-themed ones including heart cases for Valentine’s Day as well as cases with flowers, animals, food, and photographs. All the phone cases are £14, and there are 71 designs for Apple iPhone 7, 8, X, XS, and XR and 65 designs for Samsung Galaxy S7-S10 available.

£14 at Greatness ReinventedThe Sunflower phone case from Greatness Reinvented


I bought this one of a kind scrapbook notebook for myself from Lena, and I absolutely love it. Lena occasionally adds other unique notebooks to her shop, but she does have the Floral Moon notebook with dotted paper available that would be perfect for drawing, writing, or pretty much anything else.

£4 at Art by LenaThe vintage scrapbook notebook from Art by Lena

Watercolor Print

Along with notebooks, Lena sells original art as well as prints, bookmarks, and wooden ornaments. I purchased one of her original landscape prints as a gift, and she has other floral and landscape prints available in her shop. Everything in Lena’s shop is under £15 with the exception of the medium-sized pre-order zipper bags.

£2+ at Art by LenaThe original Crescent Pink and Purple Moon Landscape print from Art by Lena

Wooden Magnet

I purchased the Bunny Lovin wooden magnet for myself from Snoozebun, and there are various other designs available as well. Along with wooden magnets, there are also wood burnt and painted wood pieces starting from $9+.

$9 at SnoozebunThe Bunny Lovin wooden magnet from Snoozebun

Bookish Candle

Novelly Yours sells bookish themed candles, and the sizes range from 2oz-22oz. With the exception of the 22oz size candles and larger sets, all other candles are under $20. You can buy smaller sized candles in sets such as you can pick two 2oz candles for $7.50 or four 2oz candles for $14.50, which would make a great gift.

$1.95+ at Novelly YoursThe Diana Bishop candle from Novelly Yours

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?


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