Christmas Gift Guide for Pets

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When you are buying Christmas presents for your friends and family, it can be easy to forget about your pets. With this gift guide, I wanted to share gift ideas for your pets from small businesses!


Christmas Dog Pyjamas

The lovely Kitty handmakes dog clothes, and a perfect gift for your dog would be Christmas pyjamas. The Sprinkle Toes Christmas Pyjamas are cotton sprinkle patterned pyjamas with a red trim (there is also the Sprinkle Toes Pyjamas with a peppermint trim), and they come in sizes XXS-M.

$26.82+ at Oh Kitty Designs

Oh Kitty Designs Sprinkle Toes Christmas Dog Pyjamas
Kitty’s dog George in the Sprinkle Toes Christmas Pyjamas


Christmas Dog Jumpers

Along with dog pyjamas, Kitty also makes dog jumpers! The Deck the Halls Christmas Tree Jumper is a gorgeous green velvet jumper with tulle sleeves, and it is available in sizes XXS-M. Kitty also made a cute Tinsel Town Christmas Jumper as well!

$46.93+ at Oh Kitty Designs

Oh Kitty Designs Deck the Halls Christmas Tree Dog Jumper
George in the Deck the Halls Christmas Tree Jumper


Collar Pouch

The collar pouches can be placed on dog and cat collars as well as horse halters, and they can hold ID tags and small crystals for crystal therapy. The pouches are made of durable denier nylon and have a velcro closure to hold the contents in place. The pouches are available in various colors, and they can get wet and will stay secure during play.

$10 at The Lightfoot Way

The Lightfoot Way collar pouch
Jackson and his collar pouch that contains two tags


Happy Dog Beer Co Cookie OrnamentCookie Ornament

The cookie can be shaped like your dog or cat, and you can add your pet’s name then hang it on the Christmas tree! The cookies are available in a peanut butter, apple, and banana flavor or in a buckwheat and molasses flavor.

$3 at Happy Dog Beer Co


Dee-O-Gee Bison JerkyJerky

Dee-O-Gee has several locations in Montana and an online store as well. A perfect treat for your dog would be bison jerky. The jerky is made from 100% bison, and Dee-O-Gee offers a chicken jerky as well.

$9.99+ at Dee-O-Gee


Hand-Crafted “Beer”

A unique gift for dogs is a pet beer made from bone broth. The beer come in two flavors: Irresistible Pooch Ale, which contains free-range chicken, and Dubble Dog Dare Ya, which contains grass fed beef. The beer comes in a real glass bottle and contains high-end ingredients and no harmful preservatives.

$40 for a 4 pack at Happy Dog Beer Co

Jackson with the Happy Dog Beer Co Double Dog Dare Ya Beer
Jackson and the Dubble Dog Dare Ya dog beer


Dr Zigs Doggie BubblesDoggie Bubbles

These doggie bubbles are vegan, non-toxic, and fully biodegradable. The bubbles are created for dogs, therefore, they are peanut butter scented and do not contain palm oil or nuts. The bubbles come in a 1-liter container with a 40cm wand.

£28.99 at Dr Zigs


Antler Dog Chew

The antlers are all-natural elk antlers that were found in Montana. The antlers weigh between 1.5-10 ounces and are between 4-10 inches long. Due to the varying weight and length, you can buy an antler for small-x large dogs.

$9.99+ at Dee-O-GeeDee-O-Gee elk antler dog chews


Cat Tamboo Pet Toys Raffia Grass ToyRaffia Grass Toy

The raffia grass toy is ideal for cats and puppies, and it intimates mice, moths, and other small prey. The toy is vegan, made from sustainable materials, and is durable. The toy is available in medium-jumbo size, and a peacock eye feather can also be added to the lure.

$26.95+ at Cat Tamboo Pet Toys



Dog Soap

The soap is used as a shampoo when washing your dog to leave your dog’s fur nice and soft. The soap is handmade using oat milk and neem oil, and the soap is palm-free, detergent-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free. Also, a portion of the sales from this soap is donated to animal shelters.

$7.99 at Thumbprint SoapThumbprint Wag Wash Dog Soap Shampoo


The Lightfoot Way Aromatherapy SprayAromatherapy Sprays

The aromatherapy sprays are made using essential oils, and they can be used with dogs and horses. The sprays come in 3 varieties: Pest Busters to prevent fleas, mosquitoes, flies, and other pests, Hocus Focus to help your animals stay focused especially during training, and Mellow Fellow to calm your animals at home or while traveling.

$10 at The Lightfoot Way



Dogie Yoga with The Lightfoot Way ebookDog Yoga Ebook

The Dogie Yoga ebook is a guided manual for doing yoga with your dog. Yoga can be a calming and fun activity for you and your dog, and you can do yoga at home or while traveling. The ebook contains 23 poses with photos explaining stretching, posing and closing techniques.

$15 at The Lightfoot Way


Do you give Christmas presents to your pets?


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25 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Guide for Pets

  1. These are all so cute & unique gift ideas! The bubbles would be such a fun activity – that’s great they’re non toxic and vegan too! I love that all of these items are from smaller conpanies too! Thanks for sharing, I loved reading this! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Such a great gift-guide. My little furry friend Bowie would look so cute in the pyjamas (and I am very curious about the beer..haha)

    Ingrid |

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Wow, these are all brilliant! I never knew you could get little collar pouches, such a good idea. Very cute tree ornaments; stupid question, but are the cookies actually for hooomans but shaped for their pets? I love the doggy beer – I wish my dog were still with us as I’d get that without a doubt (would make for some perfect photos like yours!) The dog soap though.. ever time I look at it I see a bar of fudge and now I’m hungry 😂
    Great round-up of products, Karalee, and it’s fab to be able to support smaller businesses!
    Caz xx

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I’d love to get my cat to wear a Christmas jumper but she won’t have any of it! Thankfully though my Mum’s dog loves them so I buy her one every year 😂 these are some great ideas for pet gifts too! Xx

    Liked by 2 people

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