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Last month me and Rei (@Rei_Al3amri) did a snack exchange where I sent her snacks from Scandinavia, which you can see here, and she sent me Omani snacks, which I wanted to share with you.

First off thank you so much Rei for all the snacks and the cat amigurumi for my daughter! Rei makes custom amigurumi, and you can see all the ones she made at @amigurumi_byrei. Now let’s get into the snacks!

All the Omani snacks

Mazoon: The shape of these chips reminded me of Cheetos Puffs, but the Mazoon chips are airier and have a different taste that is not of cheese. The Mazoon chips were delicious and me, and my mum shared the bag (she LOVES cheese puffs) and she loved the Mazoon chips too.


Chips Oman: At first I thought these chips would taste plain since the shape reminded me of classic Lays, but the Chips Oman actually has a chili flavor which makes them taste amazing! I ate the bag of chips as a part of my lunch one day, and they are probably my favorite out of all the snacks Rei sent me (all the snacks were delicious though).


Al Mudhish Ripples Crunch in Hot Sauce: Like with the previous two bags of chips, these chips are delicious and do taste like hot sauce! The texture is like Ruffles, but I have not had any chips before that tasted like hot sauce, which was a treat. I gave a few chips to my mum, and she loved the flavor too.


Fantastic Oriental Teriyaki Flavour Rice Crackers: These were the first snacks I opened and shared with my parents, and they actually taste like teriyaki sauce, which was unique and tasty. I left the container of the rice crackers out on the counter, and they were gone within a day!


Spinneys Food Arabian Mix: This bag contains a mixture of peanuts, cashew nuts, and noodles with zaatar herbs and spices. I have never had anything with a zaatar spice, so it was great being able to try something completely new. My mum liked the nuts and I especially like the little noodles.


Rei also sent me a box of Kinder chocolates, but my mum opened them immediately and we ate them before I was able to take a picture lol. Thank you again Rei for all the snacks! They were all delicious and I loved being able to try new things!

What are popular snacks where you live?


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16 thoughts on “Snacks from Oman

  1. We have that teriyaki rice crackers here in Malaysia. ๐Ÿ™‚ This looks like a fun stuff; exchanging local snacks.

    Currently, the popular ‘snack’ in my place is the bubble milk teas. You can see people sip them everywhere!

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