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I have read Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda, The Upside of Unrequited, and Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli. I loved the first two books, so I was excited when I found out she was co-writing a book with Adam Silvera (who I have not read any of his books) called What If It’s Us. I listened to the audiobook not that long ago, and now I want to share my review.

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What If It’s Us follows Arthur who is interning at his mom’s law firm in New York City for the summer and Ben who grew up in NYC and is recovering from a recent breakup. Arthur and Ben meet each other at a post office, but they are then separated by flash mob. Is the universe trying to pull them apart or push them together? Before I begin discussing the book, I wanted to mention that Becky Albertalli wrote Arthur’s perspective and Adam Silvera wrote Ben’s, and the two perspective blended together perfectly. What If It’s Us alternates between Arthur’s and Ben’s perspective, and as I mentioned I listened to the audiobook and Arthur and Ben were voiced by separate narrators so it was easy to follow along and tell their perspectives apart. Both Arthur and Ben are likable characters, but they both have flaws, which makes them realistic. Arthur stresses over everything and at times he can be jealous, and Ben is laid back and always late. Both Arthur and Ben are gay and Arthur is Jewish and Ben is Puerto Rican, so it was nice having diverse main characters represented in the book. The side characters include Arthur’s and Ben’s friends and parents, and they were likable and supportive. My favorite side character is Dylan who is Ben’s best friend because he is hilarious despite all the problems he goes through. As far as the plot, it is cute and I became invested in Arthur’s and Ben’s relationship. I have also never been to New York City so it nice experiencing the city through Arthur’s eyes as a summer tourist and Ben who grew up there. One thing I did not like about this book is that there were a bunch of references to the Broadway musicals Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen, which I know nothing about, so it took a little away from the story. However, I did like all the Harry Potter references. Another downside to this book is that I HATED the epilogue. I wish it was never included and I would have preferred to have the book end at the real ending even though the real ending was open-ended. To end this review, I wanted to share this music video because it is great to listen to before reading the book. The title What If It’s Us and the names for the three parts of the book are based on the song “Only Us” from Dear Evan Hansen.

Overall, What If It’s Us is a cute love story featuring diverse gay characters, but I despise the epilogue.

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Rate: 8/10


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Have you read any books by Becky Albertalli or Adam Silvera?


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17 thoughts on “What If It’s Us Book Review

  1. Ooh I’ve heard of this but know little about it. Great review – this definitely sounds like one to check out. I’ve never been to New York either so sounds like a fun way to explore, aha!

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  2. Sounds really good! Love how two authors have contributed for different perspectives, that’s definitely something I’d like to read. Also I totally wouldn’t have got those references either so you’re not alone!

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    1. This was the first book I read that was written by 2 authors & I couldn’t tell when reading that it was since the perspectives blended together perfectly.
      I’m glad I’m not alone when it comes to not knowing Broadway references.


  3. Great review, Karalee! What a shame they ruined the book with the epilogue. I loved Dear Evan Hansen but have never seen Hamilton. I kind of hate when books reference other real life stuff too much, especially when not everyone knows what they’re talking about.


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