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AD – PR Product | Earlier this month Andrea Cannon kindly gifted me a copy of her book Heart of Stone, and today I would like to share my opinion on it.

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First off, even though I received the ebook for free, all opinions are my own. When I first noticed Heart of Stone was 69 pages long, I was skeptical of how well someone could tell a story in so few pages, but I was pleasantly surprised. Heart of Stone follows Pamela Vargas who is a divorce lawyer and spent years building up a wall to insulate her heart from the emotional roller coaster of life. However, Alex came along and suddenly Pamela is questioning her independent nature. Alex does not give up easily, but did he underestimate Pamela’s stubbornness?

Pamela is a strong independent working woman, but at times she can come off as unlikable due to her cynicism. However, her personality is understandable when you learn out about her past. At times I also felt sorry for Alex because he wants to be with Pamela, but Pamela does not want to commit due to her past and also her job where she has witnessed countless couples divorcing. It was entertaining reading how Pamela and Alex’s story played out, and I thought the book ended well. As I mentioned, the story is only 69 pages long so it takes around an hour to read, which is perfect for a cozy afternoon.

Overall, I recommend reading Heart of Stone if like short contemporary romance novels.

$2.99 at Amazon or Free with Kindle Unlimited

Rate: 8/10


About the Author: Andrea Cannon writes from Texas where she lives with her husband, her kids, four dogs and an ancient black cat that she inherited from her grandmother. When she’s not writing, you’re most likely to find Andrea curled up with the cat in her lap and a her nose in a book.

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