My Christmas 2018 Anti-Wish List

My Christmas Anti-Wish List header

I have made an Anti-Wish List before, and I thought it would be fun to do with the newer makeup releases and holiday sets I do not want for Christmas.

Unlike with My Christmas Wish List, I will focus on items from Ulta since I will not have any intention of buying them. Now for the anti-wish list!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry Eye PaletteAnastasia Beverly Hills Sultry Eye Palette: This palette was released a couple of months ago, and it has 14 matte and metallic shades, but it looks so boring. There is only one shade with actual color, and it just looks out of place. I have the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette and the Norvina Palette, and so I do not doubt the Sultry Palette has good quality, but it is just not for me.

$45 at Ulta


Benefit Bomb Ass Brows! by Desi PerkinsBenefit Bomb Ass Brows! by Desi Perkins: First off, I do not use any brow products, so I would be very disappointed if I received this set. However, if you do use brow products the price does not seem bad considered you get two full-size brow pencils, a powder, a setter, a brush, and a mini brow color. There is also the Benefit Magical Brow Stars Brow Bestseller Value Set for the same price, but it has a few different items.

$59 at Ulta


ColourPop Double Entendre Pressed Powder Shadow PaletteColourPop Double Entendre Pressed Powder Shadow Palette: This palette is a new release for Ulta, and it has 12 matte and metallic shades. All 12 shades are nude and not exciting, which makes this a very boring palette. I prefer having colorful palettes, so this one is a pass for me.

$16 at Ulta


Urban Decay On the Run Palette in DetourUrban Decay On the Run Palettes: The On the Run Palettes come in Bailout, Shortcut, and Detour, and each palette comes with 8 shades that are based on the Born to Run palette. Some of the shades are pretty, like the blue shade in the Detour palette, but I would much rather get the Urban Decay Born to Run Eyeshadow Palette which is $49 for 21 shades instead of spending $75 for 24 shades.

$25 at Ulta


NYX Sugar Trip Lippie VaultNYX Sugar Trip Lippie Vault: The lippie vault includes 6 Soft Matte Lip Cream, 6 Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick, and 6 Lip Lingerie shades. All 36 lip product shades come with their own lip liner. I love the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, but I am not that big of a fan of their Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks or Lip Lingeries. I also do not use lip liners, so this set would not be for me.

$55 at Ulta


Too Faced Under The Christmas Tree Breakaway Makeup Palette & MascaraToo Faced Under The Christmas Tree Breakaway Makeup Palette & Mascara: This Christmas set contains 3 palettes for a total of 18 eyeshadow shades and 3 face products plus a deluxe size of the Better Than Sex Mascara. Most of the eyeshadow shades are boring, but the palette with 10 shade is a bit more exciting. It is not worth getting this set though.

$49 at Ulta


Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Lip TrioKylie Cosmetics Holiday Lip Trio: This holiday set includes a matte liquid lipstick, a velvet liquid lipstick, and a gloss. I have two of Kylie’s liquid lipsticks and one of her glosses, and I am not that big of a fan. The liquid lipsticks are very drying, and the gloss is too expensive for the quality, so I really do not want this set even though the shades look pretty.

$36 at Ulta


What items are on your anti-wish list?

16 thoughts on “My Christmas 2018 Anti-Wish List

  1. I just posted my anti haul for Christmas today too, the Sultry palette is also on mine. It looks so basic aside from that one pop of red. Not worth it for the price!
    I have the DE palette from ColourPop and the formula is really great. But if you don’t like neutrals you probably wouldn’t be happy with it. I wasn’t interested in that too faced palette set either.
    I hope you get some things off your actual wishlist for Christmas!


    1. It does! There’s no need for more nude palettes! Like Anastasia Beverly Hills already has Soft Glam (a neutral palette) so there’s no need for them to make Sultry (another neutral palette with 1 pop of color).


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