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Last month I listened to the audio book of Bird Box by Josh Malerman, and I think it would be a great creepy read for Halloween.

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Bird Box is about Malorie and her two 4-year-old kids who she refers to as “Boy” and “Girl”. Malorie and her kids are living on their own, and one day she decides to leave with them to go to a safer place. Malorie constantly keeps her kids blindfolded and has trained them to listen due to creatures that lurk outside. Seeing a creature leads to a person committing murder and/or suicide. The story alternates between the present of Malorie and her kids heading down the river blindfolded to the safer place and the past of 5 years earlier when people started dying and Malorie found out she was pregnant. Malorie is a strong likable character because she is doing her best to ensure the survival of her children. At times she may seem harsh towards her children, but in the post-apocalyptic world that they live in, it is understandable. Shortly after Malorie found out she was pregnant, she begins to live with a group of survivors. Most of these characters are likable, but of course there are a couple of unlikable characters who create added drama in the household. The concept of the creatures is terrifying especially since seeing a creature leads to insanity so people will cover all the windows in their house and essentially become trapped in their own home. There is a lot of death in this book due to the creatures, and some scenes are especially disturbing and hard to listen to. However, the book does have a good ending considering the circumstances. As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, I listened to the audio book, and the narrator was a nice addition as she changed her voice to match the various characters. The only downside of Bird Box is that there are a few unanswered questions left at the end, but they do not ruin the experience of the book.

Overall, Bird Box is a great creepy read, and I would recommend it if you like post-apocalyptic or psychological horror novels.

$14.32 at Book Depository

Rate: 9/10

Have you read Bird Box before? What is your go-to book to read for Halloween?

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    1. That’s understandable & I have a free trial for this one company in Denmark. However, your local library probably has audio books! You can download this app on your phone or computer called Libby by OverDrive. You sign in with your library card & then you have tons of free ebooks & audio books at your finger tips! 😄

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      1. I didn’t know this! What a great idea. Thank you so much and I’ll give it a try! Just throwing this out there but I’m a new blogger and would appreciate you taking a minute to have a look at my site. Any tips throw my way 🙂 thank you again xx

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