I Hate Myselfie Book Review

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I have seen Shane Dawson’s YouTube videos on and off, and after I watched the documentary he did with Jeffree Star named “The Secret World of Jeffree Star” I wanted to read Shane’s book I Hate Myselfie.

Screenshot of the I Hate Myselfie by Shane Dawson audio book

UPDATE: I no longer support Shane, and if you would like to read his book without monetarily supporting him, I definitely recommend reading the book on Libby through your library or purchasing the book from a reseller on Depop, Mercari, Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace, eBay or another second-hand store.

I Hate Myselfie is a collection of short essays about Shane’s past from school like being in a play, being bullied, his friends, and prom to YouTube, being recognized in public, and being in the Smiley movie. He also talks about losing weight and working at a weight-loss center, being addicted to artificial sugar, and his grandma dying. The stories were entertaining to listen to and ranged from being funny to heartwarming. In the stories, Shane also talks about the lessons he learned, and it was nice getting to know more about him since I did not much about him besides the handful of YouTube videos I watched. However, some of the stories seemed unrealistic and exaggerated, and parts of the book are offensive like in the first few pages Shane makes a date rape joke. I would only recommend this book for mature readers who watched Shane’s older videos and liked his offensive humor. If you like Shane but you do not like this humor, I heard his second book It Gets Worse is more serious. If you do read I Hate Myselfie I would definitely recommend the audiobook since it is read by Shane himself and the audiobook is only 4 hours long.

Overall, I Hate Myselfie does provide background on Shane’s life, but the stories seem exaggerated and he uses a lot of offensive humor.


Rate: 6.5/10

Do you watch Shane Dawson’s YouTube videos? Have you read his books?

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