Sublime Karma Book Review

AD – PR Product | Happy Saturday! As I mentioned in my August 2017 Favorites post last week, I finished reading Sublime Karma by Peyton Garver, and now I wanted to do a more in-depth review.

Before I begin with my review, Peyton Garver sent me the e-book of Sublime Karma for free, but like with all my reviews I will give my honest opinion. As always, my review is also spoiler-free.

Sublime Karma is told from the perspective of Jake, the popular football player and band member of Sublime Karma, and Brie, the new girl. Brie attracts the unwanted attention of the popular girls and is bullied by them, but Jake starts to take an interest in Brie. However, both Jake and Brie have their secrets that they have to overcome. This book is just like being in high school all over again with the cliques and drama. Even though I have graduated from high school over 5 year ago, I still found the story interesting, and I did not want to put it down once I started reading it. As I previously mentioned, the story is told from the viewpoint of both Jake and Brie, but it is not confusing because it is easy to tell whose viewpoint you are reading. I also felt connected to both Brie and Jake, and I could especially relate to Brie because I have been through similar situations as her in high school. The support characters are also interesting because each of them has their own personality. There are not too many support characters to keep track of, and out of those characters, I liked Ari (Jake’s neighbor) the most because she has this mysterious side to her. I also liked Lief (Brie’s brother) because he is protective of her, and Teagan (Jake’s sister) because she has a fun personality. I also thought that it was unique that Ari’s brother Trevor was deaf because I have not read a book before that included characters who were deaf and hard of hearing. Even though this book is for young adults, it discusses heavy themes including bullying, self harm, suicide, depression, and abuse, so I would recommend this book for mature readers. This book also has some romance, but it is not over the top and the relationships focus more on the characters supporting each other. I thought the ending was sweet, but it did leave a few things unanswered with several of the side characters. I would have liked the ending to wrap everything up especially since there is no mention of a sequel. Another thing I did not like is that I felt like the book skipped important parts of the story. I am not going to mention the specific events to keep this review spoiler-free, but these events are lead up to by the characters talking about them, but then the event itself is skipped completely. The characters then mention these events after the fact. I would have preferred to read about the events as they were happening instead of reading what the characters thought about after the fact. Besides the ending and the skipping, I thought this book was enjoyable and I would recommend it if you like young adult books that discuss more serious topics and also have a bit of romance.

Overall, Sublime Karma is an engaging book with relatable characters, but the ending did not wrap up loose ends and several events were skipped.

UPDATE: The author told me she wrote Sublime Karma with the intention of writing a series, so that is why she left backstory for some of the characters. For that reason, I decided to change my rating from 7/10 to 8/10.

$4.99 for Kindle at Amazon

$15.99 for Paperback at Amazon

Rate: 8/10

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