Framed and Burning Book Review

I have not done a book review in a while, and I recently finished reading Framed and Burning by Lisa Brunette that I received for free from NetGalley.

Framed and Burning is the second book of the Dreamslippers series, which I did not know at the time. However, it is not necessary to read the first book, Cat in the Flock, to follow the plot of this book. Framed and Burning follows Mick who is a successful artist living in Florida. While attending Art Basel, his studio apartment is burned down and his assistant is killed while inside. The police are then on the hunt to find out who destroyed most of Mick’s artwork and killed his assistant in the fire.

The story is told from the perspective of Mick as well as Grace (a private detective and Mick’s sister), and Cat (Grace’s granddaughter and also a private detective with Grace). All 3 of the main characters are dreamslippers, and they are able to enter the dreams of others while they sleep. The story frequently changes perspective, but it is easy to follow along. The 3 main characters are likeable, but the side characters are often forgettable because they are mentioned briefly then brought up later in the book.

I found the plot interesting because it is a murder mystery with the added dreamslipper element. However, dreamslipping is not a big part of the first half of the book, and it often feels like a normal murder mystery up until then. There are a few plot twists, and I did not know who murdered Mick’s assistant until near the end of the book. The book ended well and the third book in the series, Bound to the Truth, is now available. I might read both the first and third book, but I do not have a strong desire to continue the series. Also, there are some strong themes in this book, so I would recommend it for mature readers.

Overall, Framed and Burning was an enjoyable murder mystery that I would recommend reading.

$6.24 at Amazon

Rate: 8/10

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