The Woman in Cabin 10 Book Review

The last time I was at Barnes & Noble, I bought The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware on an impulse because I found the plot summary intriguing.

The story follows Lo Blacklock, who works as a travel journalist. Lo is given the opportunity to spend a week aboard a luxury cruise in Norway. However, during the night after boarding the ship, Lo witnesses a woman being thrown overboard, but all of the passengers and staff are accounted for in the morning. The book was well-paced, and I enjoyed the plot and mystery surrounding the woman in cabin 10. The character descriptions were great, and I especially liked Lo, but all of the guests and staff were interesting to read about because they all had different personalities. I also liked the setting of a luxury cruise ship sailing in Scandinavia and visiting the fjords in Norway. The book was divided into 8 parts, and each part ended with excerpts from emails, newspapers, and forums. These excerpts were confusing at first because they were not relevant to what just happened, but they were given context later on in the book. There were also several unexpected twists and turns, and the ending of this book was great and wrapped up the story well. Overall, I would definitely recommend this book if you enjoy reading mysteries.

$15.91 at Barnes & Noble 

Rate: 10/10

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