Today is My Birthday! 

I am 23 today!

I am going to have brunch at an Italian restaurant and then go to Ikea to buy the rest of the furniture and decor for my apartment. Yesterday me and my boyfriend had a pedicure as a gift from his mom, and I also bought some makeup from a brand I have never tried before called W7. We then ate dinner at a café and watched The Hangover Part III on TV. I am excited for today!

What are your plans for today?

56 thoughts on “Today is My Birthday! 

  1. Happy happy happy happy happy very happy happy Birthday 🎂 to You my beautiful friend…… So happy 😊 I am that I wish from heart that may Source shower on You love, light, happiness, smiles in every moment of your life…. Oh I do wish that always for everyone but as it is your birthday I pray Thee that you be blessed always.

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