The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman Book Review

I purchased The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman by Denis Thériault as part of my Barnes & Noble Book Haul after it was recommended to me awhile back.

The story follows the postman Bilodo as he steals people’s mail. He begins to fall in love with a woman named Ségolène as he discovers her haikus she has been sending to a poet named Gaston. Bilodo then witnesses a tragic accident involving the poet, which prompts him to impersonate the poet and continue writing to Ségolène. The novel is roughly around 100 pages, so it does not take long to read. However, the writing style includes numerous long drawn out sentences, which takes away from the appeal of the story. The book was originally written in French, which could contribute to problems in the translation. Nevertheless, the haikus and tankas included in the story are beautiful and enjoyable to read. Bilodo as a character is intriguing, but at times he seems too obsessed with Ségolène. The ending of the novel was unexpected, thought-provoking, and concludes the story well. Overall, the novel was a captivating love story between a postman and a mysterious woman, and I would recommend reading it.

$11.35 at Barnes & Noble

Rate: 7/10

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