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AD – PR Product | Since I have an almost 4-year-old daughter who loves reading and my first-year master’s thesis is about children’s books, I thought it would be appropriate to start reviewing children’s books on my blog as well. For my first children’s books review, I will review three of Beffy Parkin’s books – Environmental Health, The Macroodelzig, and Don’t Eat Charlie Cheese.

Environmental Health by Beffy Parkin ebook

Environmental Health: Beffy kindly gifted me an ebook copy of Environmental Health, and it is filled with poems for bug-loving, litter-picking, seed-planting, tree-hugging, world-saving children. The book is 24 pages long, and 10% of sale profits go to environmental charities. Environmental Health is a wonderful read for both children and adults. With rhyming poetry, Beffy demonstrates the destruction humans have inflicted on the environment and suggests ways to reverse the damage. The collection of poems inspires hope for the future if humans are willing to take action to save the planet.

$6.63 for Paperback at Amazon

Rate: 10/10



The Macroodelzig by Beff Parkin ebook

The Macroodelzig: I have a free trial of Kindle Unlimited, and I decided to review The Macroodelzig as well. The Macroodelzig is about a not so fluffy pet that is a bit silly, chaotic and scruffy. The book is 26 pages long and for children ages 1-10. The Macroodelzig is a fun name for a sweet book. The illustrations are cute and will appeal to many children, and the rhyming makes the story enjoyable to read. The story teaches the importance of friendship specifically between pets and children and that it is okay to be different.

$1.99 for Kindle at Amazon and $11.19 for Paperback at Amazon

Rate: 10/10


Don't Eat Charlie Cheese by Beffy Parkin ebook

Don’t Eat Charlie Cheese: I also read Don’t Eat Charlie Cheese for free with Kindle Unlimited. The book is 28 pages long and for children ages 1-8. Don’t Eat Charlie Cheese is about Charlie Cheese who is looking for a job and hoping his bosses will not eat him. Like with Beffy’s other books, I love the rhyming poetry and the cute illustrations. The story highlights the importance of not giving up and the friendships that can occur during the least likely of times. There are two other Charlie Cheese books including Charlie Cheese And The Food Dance and Charlie Cheese Travels the World.

$1.98 for Kindle and $7.82 for Paperback at Amazon

Rate: 10/10


Overall, all three of Beffy’s books I read had great messages and would make wonderful gifts.

What are your favorite children’s books?


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7 thoughts on “Children’s Books by Beffy Review

  1. I love the concept behind Environmental health! I read a similar children’s book in August called Plastic Sucks!: You Can Make a Difference. It encourages children and parents to make small changes that help the environment. Its much longer and talks a lot about why you should help the environment first, so I guess it’s aimed at children who haven’t yet got involved with environmental discussions. I might take a look at the one you recommended 🙂

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