Animal Crossing: New Horizons x ColourPop Full Makeup Collection Review

colourpop x animal crossing makeup collection review header

As I mentioned in my Animal Crossing: New Horizons x ColourPop Makeup Look, I bought the full makeup collection. Since I have only tried a few single eyeshadows from ColourPop and many people are interested in the collection, I wanted to review it.

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The Palettes

First I will start with the eyeshadow palettes. There are 4 eyeshadow palettes in the collection with 4 shades each including Nook, Inc., 5 Star Island, What a Hoot, and Labelle of the Ball palettes. The palettes are $12 each or you can buy the True Friends Kit which contains all 4 palettes for $48. I will briefly mention the shades in the palettes and include swatches then share my thoughts on the palettes afterward.

The 4 eyeshadow palettes from the ColourPop x Animal Crossing New Horizons collection

Nook, Inc. Shadow Palette

Nook, Inc. is a green-themed palette based on the characters Tom Nook and Timmy and Tommy. The shades in the palette are:

  • Yes, Yes!: mint with a metallic finish
  • Made in the Shade: sage with a matte sparkle finish
  • CEO: pastel mint glitter
  • Water Landing: teal with a matte finish

Rate: 9/10

Swatches of the Nook, Inc. palette from the ColourPop x Animal Crossing New Horizons collection
Left to Right: Yes, Yes!, Made in the Shade, CEO, and Water Landing

5 Star Island Shadow Palette

The next palette is 5 Star Island, which is based on the character Isabelle. The palette has mostly pink shades with a pop of yellow, and the shades are:

  • Isabelle: yellow with a metallic finish
  • Island Tune: peachy pink with a matte finish
  • Island Designer: pink glitter
  • Resident Rep.: rose with a matte sparkle finish

Rate: 8/10

Swatches of the 5 Star Island palette from the ColourPop x Animal Crossing New Horizons collection
Left to Right: Isabelle, Island Tune, Island Designer, and Resident Rep.

What a Hoot Shadow Palette

What a Hoot is based on the sibling characters Blathers and Celeste. The palette is a neutral palette with the following shades:

  • Meteor Shower: gold glitter
  • Celestial: peach with a matte sparkle finish
  • All Aflutter: copper with a metallic finish
  • Who!: red-brown with a matte finish

Rate: 8/10

Swatches of the What a Hoot palette from the ColourPop x Animal Crossing New Horizons collection
Left to Right: Meteor Shower, Celestial, All Aflutter, and Who!

Labelle of the Ball Shadow Palette

The last palette is Labelle of the Ball, which is a purple palette based on the Able Sisters. The shades in the palette include:

  • Able Sisters: pastel lavender glitter
  • Tailors Ticket: light purple with a matte sparkle finish
  • Custom Design: pastel lilac with a metallic finish
  • Serene Sable: plum with a matte finish

Rate: 9/10

Swatches of the Labelle of the Ball palette from the ColourPop x Animal Crossing New Horizons collection
Left to Right: Able Sisters, Tailors Ticket, Custom Design, and Serene Sable

Overall, all the palettes are adorable! My favorite is Labelle of the Ball because I love the purple shades followed by Nook, Inc. because I am a fan of the teal and mint shades. My least favorite is What a Hoot because I am not a fan of neutrals, but it is definitely the most wearable palette for everyday looks. All the palettes include a mirror, which is great for when you are on the go. However, the matte shades have quite a bit of fallout both in the pan and on the face, but they do have good pigment. The metallic and matte sparkle shades did not have much fallout and they applied great, but I did have issues with some of the shades like Isabelle because the shades did not show up well when doing my makeup look. The glitter shades are chunky, but they applied fine and I mostly used them in the inner corner for a pop of sparkle. I will say the 4-shade palettes are on the higher price side for ColourPop because their other 4-shade palettes are $9, and you can get a 9-shade palette for $14. However, I can understand the higher price because the collection is officially licensed by Nintendo (the company that made ACNH) . People have also complained that the ACNH palettes have similar shades to other palettes. For example Nook, Inc. looks like a mini Mint to Be Shadow Palette. At first glance, the palettes do look similar, but the swatches are not the same. I do not have any other ColourPop palettes to make that comparison in person, but I believe the palettes are different.

The Single Shadow and Glitter Gel

Next the single Super Shack Shadow and Glitter Gel! The Balloon Pop Super Shock Shadow is $7, which is the same price as the single shadows from the Raw Beauty Kristi collection while the regular single shadows are $6. The Bellionaire Glitter Gel is $10, which is the same price as ColourPop’s other glitter gels. You can buy the It’s Raining Treasure Set which includes both products for $17.

The Bellionaire Glitter Gel and Balloon Pop Super Shock Shadow from the ColourPop x Animal Crossing New Horizons collection

Ballon Pop Super Shock Shadow

Balloon Pop is a peachy pink shade with a shimmer finish. The shade is pretty, and I used it as a topper in my Animal Crossing Makeup Look. The shadow can also be used alone or as the main eyeshadow shade for a makeup look. The shadow also has great pigment and practically no fallout. However, like many others, my Super Shock Shadow came broken so there is an issue with the formula that causes it to break easily. I was able to save the shadow by repressing it, but I would not recommend purchasing the shadow because it does break easily during shipping.

Rate: 6/10

Bellionaire Glitter Gel

Bellionaire is a gold glitter gel, and I love the idea of a glitter gel because it is easier to apply than loose glitter. However, the glitter is chunky and when I tried using it as a topper shade for my Animal Crossing Makeup Look, it did not look good at all and I ended up wiping off my makeup and redoing it. I was unsure how to make the glitter gel look good so I looked on ColourPop’s website, and it shows the glitter gel being used on the inner corner of the eye. The application tips also say “apply with finger tips to hair and body”. I decided to give the glitter gel another go, and I used it with the Nook, Inc. and What a Hoot palettes. The glitter did look better, but it is difficult to remove. I had to use a Makeup Eraser, makeup wipes, a cleanser, and a scrub to remove all of the glitter from my face.

Since the application tips mentioned using the glitter gel in the hair, I decided to try it out because I was going to wash my hair later that day. The glitter looked cute in my chair, and I looked like I was going to a festival, but it was so messy to apply. When I was applying the gel to my hair, the glitter fell on my face and shirt. When the gel dried and I touched my hair, glitter literally fell everywhere. I definitely do not recommend using the glitter in your hair unless you are okay with making a mess. The glitter gel is by far my least favorite product out of the collection, and I cannot recommend it because it is messy to apply and difficult to remove.

Rate: 2/10

Swatches of the Balloon Pop Super Shock Shadow and Bellionaire Glitter Gel from the ColourPop x Animal Crossing New Horizons collection
Left to Right: Balloon Pop and Bellionaire

The Blushes

Now for the blushes! There are 2 blushes in the collection and they are $12 each. You can buy the Garden Wagon Set which includes both blushes for $24. I will briefly describe both blushes then review them together afterward.

The 2 blushes from the ColourPop x Animal Crossing New Horizons collection

Flower Power Pressed Powder Blush

Flower Power is a pink shade with a silver shimmer and satin finish. I find the blush shade not unique and pretty much like any other pink blush.

Rate: 6/10

Flower Tender Pressed Powder Blush

Flower Tender is a coral shade with a gold shimmer and satin finish. I prefer the coral blush because I only have a couple of coral blushes compared to the many pink blushes I own.

Rate: 7/10

The packaging for the blushes is cute, and the blushes also include a mirror which is a nice touch. Both shades have good pigment and are buildable. The pink and coral shades are great for Spring and Summer, but as I mentioned I do prefer the coral blush because it is less common than pink blush. I also love the shimmer, but for those that prefer matte blushes, these are not for you. As for price, the blushes are the same price as blushes in other licensed collections (Lizzie McGuire and Sailor Moon for example), but their nonlicensed blushes are $9 and there are similar pink and coral shades available. I also wish ColourPop would have made a highlighter to go with the collection. I believe a highlighter would complete the collection since there are eyeshadow palettes, blushes, and lip tints, but no highlighters.

Swatches of the 2 blushes from the ColourPop x Animal Crossing New Horizons collection
Left to Right: Flower Tender and Flower Power

Lip Tints

Lastly the lip tint kits. There are 3 lip tint kits with 2 lip tints each for a total of 6 lip tints in the collection. The lip tints are based on the fruit trees in ACNH, and they are scented like the fruits too. The kits are $12 each, which is actually cheaper than ColourPop’s other lip tint kits that are $14. You can buy the So Fruitful Set which contains all 3 lip tint kits for $36. I will briefly mention the shades in each of the kits then include swatches and my thoughts on the lip tints afterward.

All 6 lip tints from the ColourPop x Animal Crossing New Horizons collection

Fruit Basket

Juicy Apple: bright pink with a gloss finish. This lip tint has a nice apple scent.

Cherry Cherry: reddish-pink with a gloss finish. This lip tint smells exactly like cherry candy.

Rate: 9/10

Fruit Roots

Orange Cutie: orangeish pink with a gloss finish. This is the lip tint I used in my Animal Crossing Makeup Look, but even though the scent is supposed to be orange, it reminds me of a lemon-scented kitchen cleaner instead.

Peach Surprise: peach with a gloss finish. Out of all the lip tints, I found the peach scent the most subtle and the regular waxy smell of the lip crayon was stronger than the peach scent.

Rate: 8/10

Pick of the Bunch

Incom-Pear-Able: light brown with a gloss finish. This lip tint has a good pear scent.

Coconut Juice: brown with a gloss finish. I cannot stand coconut-scented products and this lip tint does smell like coconuts, so it would be nice if you like a coconut scent. This is the only lip tint I did not try on my lips because of the scent, but I did swatch it below.

Rate: 7/10

Overall, the lip tints are moisturizing and similar to a tinted lip balm. The lip tints are not drying like liquid lipsticks, but they do not last long on the lips and they are not transfer-proof. However, the lip tints have good pigment considering they are a lip tint. Out of all the lip tints, my favorite shade is Orange Cutie because it is not a bright pink like Juicy Apple and Cherry Cherry, and I do not really like the two brown shades Coconut Juice and Incom-Pear-Able. Also, none of the scents are too strong which is great since overwhelming scents can give me a headache. I think my favorite scents were Cherry Cherry followed by Juicy Apple and Incom-Pear-able. As I mentioned, I do not like coconut scents so Coconut Juice was my least favorite scent. With that said, there is not that much product compared to the size of the tube. You can twist the lip tint up 3-4 times for a little more product and that is it. If you regularly use the lip tint, I do not see it lasting that long before you have to repurchase it. Even though the lip tints are nice, I would only recommend them if there is a kit that has shades that you like and would wear.

Swatches of the 6 lip tints from the ColourPop x Animal Crossing New Horizons collection
Left to Right: Juicy Apple, Cherry Cherry, Orange Cutie

Final Thoughts

The Animal Crossing Collection is cute, and the packaging is on point. I love the eyeshadow palettes, but the matte shades have quite a bit of fallout and several of the other shades lack pigment, but otherwise the palettes are great. The eyeshadow palettes are hands down my favorite items from the collection. The Super Shock Shadow is pretty, but like many others, it arrived broken. I am also not a fan of the glitter gel, and it is my least favorite product in the collection. The blushes are pretty and I like the shimmer, but the shades are not unique. The lip tints are moisturizing and have good pigment, but there is not that much product in the tubes. You definitely do not need to purchase the whole collection, and I would instead recommend purchasing the items you like individually.

What are your thoughts on the ColourPop x Animal Crossing: New Horizons collection?

38 thoughts on “Animal Crossing: New Horizons x ColourPop Full Makeup Collection Review

  1. I have never played Animal Crossing but I want to. I have a Nintendo DS (an older model bought in 2008) and I don’t know if they still sell many games for it since other models have come out. I have the Grease musical game, Catz, The Chronicles of Narnia and a horse game as well as a fashion-related one. and I got these games in 2008 or the years after I got my DS.
    I love the idea of themed collections. I want to buy the donuts and Disney palettes from Revolution Beauty. Have you head of them or tried them? Berry Jam from the doughnut collection is purple.

    I have heard so much about Color Pop and have been keen to get some products for years except I have no idea where I buy it from in either the UK or Spain. I too like the look of the purple eyeshadow palette. I found years ago it was easy to buy an all-purple eyeshadow palette but now not so much. I recently got I Heart Makeup’s Unicorn Surprise Egg (I bought it around Easter).

    That’s all purple and I got the Dragon egg which is reds/golds but one of the highlighters in it arrived broken, I find a use for any makeup. I put the powder I could save into another pot and apply it as a loose powder. That was my first and only product that ever arrived broken but I didn’t want all the bother of returning it since the product is popular.

    The last purple shade palette I bought was absolutely years ago since I noticed the problem with finding an exclusively purple palette and then warm shades rust, gold and burgundy were more popular and I started getting some of those. But now I have so many warm shade palettes and single shadows. I bought a great purple from Revolution Beauty (single shadow) years ago in the sale which I still have. I am kind of reluctant to want to use up my purples simply because it’s so hard to find that shade. I use makeup sparingly anyway.

    I am disappointed that even the Urban Decay Ultraviolet palette which I thought (from the name) would be all purples, is purples mixed with nude shades. I still want it though as am a UD addict. I have Revolution Beauty’s Mermaids vs Unicorns which has some nice purples too in the “unicorn” part of the palette. This is one of their older palettes and I’m not sure if it is still sold. Mine is still not that used.

    I also have Maybelline Color Tattoo in Vintage Mauve which I love. As it’s a cream shadow I love using it in the summer as I find it holds better than powder shadows when the weather gets warm. The lilac shade from MUA’s Glitterball palette is pretty and Maraschino Cherry from W7’s On the Rocks is impressive although it’s more burgundy but it’s really nice too. I’ll get another On the Rocks palette when I’m finished. Espresso Martini and Champagne Toast from there are really striking. The palette is unusual.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have a DS lite & there are not many games for it sold anymore. However, there is Animal Crossing Wild World for the DS if you would like to play one of the animal crossing games! I mainly have pokemon & kirby games along with a few gameboy advance games for my DS.

      The Disney collection from Revolution is cute & so is the berry jam palette, but I haven’t tried it before. I have one of their chocolate palettes & the pigment is good so I imagine the formula would be the same.

      ColourPop does offer worldwide shipping & shipping is free when you spend $60 & they include customs fees when you checkout if you shop from the UK.

      Yes it is a hassle to return broken makeup so that’s why I repressed the broken shadow myself & I didn’t want to wait even longer for a replacement since the collection was sold out at the time.

      I agree purple is hard to find since it seems like a lot of brands want to focus on neutral/warmer shades. Years ago I bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina palette & I love that it’s cooler toned & has a few purple shades. I have a few other palettes that have 1-2 purple shades (Juvia’s Place Warrior 3 palette, OPV Beauty Rainbow Splash palette & Jolie Beauty Bomb Dot Com palette), but I don’t have a mostly purple palette. The Urban Decay Ultraviolet palette does look pretty, but yes there should be even more purple shades to go with the “ultraviolet” name.

      I haven’t used many cream shadows as I find powder eyeshadow easier to blend with other shades. But that’s a good point the cream shadows do hold up better in the warmer weather. I’ll have to see if a store here sells the W7 On the Rocks palette so I can see it in person since it does look interesting.


  2. I prefer the coral blush too. I don’t wear blush too much but love peach for a natural look or summer. I have Revolution Beauty’s heart blusher in Peachy Pink Kisses which is lasting forever. Some say this is more like a highlighter as it illuminates well.

    I find it hard to pick blusher as I find too many shades are bright intense pinks I just won’t go for. I like browns too (like a pale brown blush like the Little Round Pot blushers from Bourjois. If I’m looking to use a budget blusher, I love Cupcake by MUA but I have no idea if they still sell it. It was one of my first products when trying the brand years ago. Juicy Apricot by FashionistA is good too (peach shade). I did once find a purple blusher by UD but I was thinking maybe it would be too bright so I didn’t buy it but the color (Bewitched) looks amazing.

    I am not sure if the FashionistA blusher is still sold. I got the products (shadows and blushers) in 2011 and 2010 as well as the red custom palette

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes the coral blush is nicer than the pink & it is great for the summer. The Revolution Beauty blush sounds pretty too!

      I haven’t tried a brown blush before, but I definitely should to see what it’s like! I’ll also have to see if I can find the MUA blush as I have no idea what to sell nowadays.


  3. I have a confession, I have never played animal crossing before! That said, the packaging for this is so cute! The shades available look lovely, and I would be drawn to the more shimmery ones! It’s a shame there isn’t a palette with them all in, because there is so much colour combination you could do! It’s a shame about the glitter gel!
    Looking forward to seeing more make-up looks from the palette!
    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s okay you’ve never played animal crossing! I only started playing with new leaf (the game before new horizons).
      I agree! Since there’s only 4 shades in each palette, you pretty much have to buy all the palettes to be able to get more looks out of them
      Yes! The glitter gel is a good idea but practically it’s so messy & takes forever to remove!


  4. I’ve told you before, in your previous post, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the lip tints because they are so cute! I am not a big makeup purchaser, but i would buy all of these with no second thoughts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are cute & I love that they’re scented too! I just wish that they had more product because there’s relatively little product compared to the size of the tube


    1. It is a cute collection, but you definitely don’t need it if you already have similar shades in other products! I love the coral blush & I’ve been using it all the time lately!


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