My Favorite Sims 4 Challenges

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To follow-up on My Favorite Sims 4 Mods + Custom Content post, I wanted to share my favorite The Sims 4 challenges to do and watch that help make the game more interesting.

Whether you like to create sims, build, or focus on gameplay, I included my favorite challenges for each style of play. I also linked to YouTube videos of some of my favorite simmers including lilsimsie, Deligracy, and Plumbella so you can get a better idea of each challenge. Most of the challenges can be played with the base game and do not require any expansion packs, but there are a few that do require expansion packs such as the Every Outfit is a Different Pack CAS Challenge and The Wolf Pack Gameplay Challenge, which requires Cats & Dogs. 


CAS (Create-A-Sim) Challenges 

Toddler to Adult Challenge

In the Toddler to Adult challenge, you create a toddler sim and change their features then age them up to an adult to see how they look. 


Rainbow Challenge

For the rainbow challenge, you create 1 sim for every color of the rainbow, and their hair, makeup, and clothing are that color. The rainbow challenge is also similar to the Solid Color challenge where the sim’s hair, makeup, and clothing are the same color, but not necessarily a rainbow color. 


Every Outfit is a Different Pack Challenge

If you have a lot of expansion packs, game packs, or stuff packs, this would be a fun challenge to do where every outfit (everyday, formal, athletic, sleep, party, swimwear, etc.) for your sim is from a different pack. 


5 Minute Challenge

The 5 minute challenge is where you have 5 minutes to create a sim, pick their outfits, and traits. This challenge is similar to the No Mistakes challenge where whatever you click on (such as a hair or shirt), is what you have to keep. 


Black and White Challenge

With the Black and White challenge, you change the settings of your computer so the color filter is set to greyscale, and you create a sim and pick their hair, makeup, and clothing without knowing what the colors actually look like until the end when you turn the color filter off. This challenge is also similar to the Inverted challenge where you set the color filter to inverted and the reverse colors are shown. 


Random Genetics Challenge

For the Random Genetics challenge, you randomize every feature of two adult sims 3 times then you create their child sim and age them up to a teen. 


Mystery Sim Challenge

The Mystery Sim challenge is where you spin a wheel for different aspects of the sim such as hair color, eye color, body type, style, and makeup and you create a sim based on what is chosen by the wheel. 


Character Challenge

For the Character challenge, you recreate a character(s) from a book, movie, tv-show, video game, etc. in CAS. You can also try to recreate Disney princesses, celebrities, singers, and pretty much anybody else in CAS.


No CC Challenge

If you regularly use custom content, you can do the No CC challenge where you do not use any CC and you only use the base game and items from packs when making your sim. Likewise, if you do not normally use CC, you can do the CC challenge where you install CC you like and try to make a sim using only CC. 

Build Challenges

10 Minute Challenge

In the 10 Minute Challenge, you have 10 minutes to build and furnish a house. You can also attempt to renovate a house in 10 minutes. The 10 Minute Challenge is also like the No Mistakes challenge where once you build a wall or place a piece of furniture, you cannot delete it or move it. 


Solid Color Challenge

For the Solid Color challenge, you can make the whole build the same color or you could make every room of the house or lot a different color.


Budget Challenge

With the Budget challenge, you first set a budget such as 10,000 simoleons for a starter home, 5,000 simoleons for a micro-home, 30,000 simoleons for an 8 sim home, or 50,000 simoleons for a mansion and you stick to that budget when building and furnishing the house. You can also use a random number generator to set the budget for you. Furthermore, you can use the random number generator to determine the budget of each room (kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, etc.). 


Fixer-Upper Challenge

Fixer-Upper is a fun challenge where you can download old or rundown homes from the Sims Gallery and renovate them. You can search the gallery using the hashtag #fixmelilsimsie to find homes people have created for lilsimsie to renovate.


Shell Challenge

For the Shell challenge, you download a shell from the Sims Gallery and make it into any build such as a home, museum, spa, or another community lot. You cannot delete or move any walls of the shell, but you can rotate the lot, add internal walls and exterior patios. Both lilsimsie and Plumbella (jessemcnamarax on the Sims Gallery) have created shell challenges in the past. 


EA Restrictions Challenge

With the EA Restrictions challenge, you renovate an EA house in the world by setting the budget to 0 simoleons. Furthermore, you cannot add any extra objects unless you delete a preexisting object so you have the same number of objects and house value at the end. A good way to make money for the renovation is to make the house smaller as a lot of the EA homes are big and empty. 


Black and White Challenge

Like with the CAS challenge, the Black and White challenge is where you build and furnish a lot with the color filter set to greyscale, and once you are done building, you can turn off the color filter to see what you made. Likewise, you can also do the Inverted challenge or the Upside Down challenge where you change your computer’s display orientation to be flipped and try to build a house that way. 


Wheel Spin Challenge

For the wheel spin challenge, you spin a wheel to determine the world, lot size, budget, house size, build style, color theme, packs, and a funky room then build the house based on what is chosen. You can also use a wheel to pick the pack used for each room if you have any expansion, game, or stuff packs.


Shaped Challenge

For the shaped challenge, you build a lot into any shape such as a triangle, plumbob, heart, cat, duck, tree, or letter of the alphabet. You can also do the Real Life challenge where you build a house or lot based on real-life pictures or build them from floor plans found online.   


Every Room is 1 Tile Bigger Challenge

The Every Room is 1 Tile Bigger challenge is like the name suggests, where you build a home and every room is 1 tile bigger. You start with a 1 tile room, then a 2 tile room, a 3 tile room, a 4 tile room, and so forth. You can also do the challenge where you make a 1×1 room, then a 2×2 room, a 3×3 room, a 4×4 room, and so forth.  


Legacy Challenge

There are many variations of the Legacy challenge, but for the most part, they start off the same where you create a founding sim, you buy a lot, then set the budget to 1,800 simoleons and try to have 10 generations of sims. I am currently playing the Legacy challenge on short lifespan for an extra challenge where everything is rushed. You can also do the Decades challenge where your sim starts in the 1890s, and every generation starts a new decade and there are various rules for each decade. There is also the Alphabetacy challenge where the names of the children of every generation start with a letter of the alphabet. For example, the names of the children of the founding sim start with A, and their children start with B, and so forth. Furthermore, there is the Not So Berry challenge where every generation is a different color in regards to hair, makeup, and clothing, and there are traits, aspirations, careers, and rules for each generation. Lastly, there is also the Disney Princess challenge where every generation is a different Disney princess with different rules starting with Snow White as the founder. 


Rags to Riches Challenge

Rags to Riches is an especially fun challenge because you make a sim, buy a lot, then set the budget to 0 simoleons. You then try to build a house and have a family without having a regular job. There are many ways to complete the challenge by finding collectibles and fishing to buy an easel and become rich from painting, earning tips by playing an instrument or singing, dumpster diving if you have the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack, running a restaurant if you have the Dine Out game pack, knitting if you have Nifty Knitting stuff pack, etc. 


100 Baby Challenge

For the 100 Baby challenge, the goal is to have 100 babies by different fathers in as few generations as possible. To start the challenge, you create a young adult matriarch and move her into a lot with the starting funds. You then raise her babies to young adults at which point they can be moved out. The matriarch cannot have a job that goes to a rabbit hole destination and when she becomes an elder, her youngest daughter will take over to complete the challenge.  


Living Off the Land Challenge

In the Living Off the Land challenge, you create a sim, buy a lot, and set the lot trait to Off-the-Grid. You can then do a variation of the rags to riches challenge where you set the budget to 0 simoleons and try to survive off the land without having a regular job. If you do not want to do the rags to riches, you can build a small home with the essential items, and you must fish or grow your sims food.


Wolf Pack Challenge

The Wolf Pack challenge requires the Cats & Dogs expansion pack, and it is similar to the Living Off The Land challenge where your sim earns money by collecting, fishing, and gardening, but instead of a single sim, you create a sim with 6 dogs and an evil raccoon, and you can send the dogs hunting to earn money too. After creating your sims and pets, you move them onto the bulldozed Deadgrass Discoveries lot in Brindleton Bay and set the budget to 2000 simoleons. The goal of the challenge is to have a home worth 50,000 simoleons before the raccoon dies. 


Runaway Teen Challenge

With the Runaway Teen challenge, you start with 0 simoleons and have a teen sim live alone where they do not go to school and they cannot have a part-time job to make money until they have a basic home. You then try to survive as the teen. A variation of this challenge is the Big Sister challenge where you have the teen sim take care of their younger sibling. 


Gold Digger Challenge

In the Gold Digger challenge, you create a young adult sim and have them marry 10 times to get money. Your sim must not have a job outside of the home, and their spouse must die naturally or accidentally. A variation of this challenge is the Black Widow challenge where you purposely kill off each of your sim’s spouses then marry a new one. 


Wheel Spin Challenge

For this challenge, you spin a wheel (you can use the Google random number generator then pick the spinner option) to see what happens to your sim. You decide what the options will be then spin a wheel. The options can be anything from what world the sim will live in, what their job or career will be (or if they should get a promotion or quit their job), the type of pet they adopt, what happens to their relationships (get a boyfriend/girlfriend, get engaged, pregnant, move in, fight, cheat, breakup), have a CAS makeover (get new clothing, hair, or tattoo), and what sim will die. If you have the Discover University expansion pack and your sim is going to university, you can spin the wheel to see what degree they will get, what society to join, if they should do homework or party, etc. The possibilities are endless and you can come up with new scenarios to spin for as you play. 

Have you done any Sims 4 challenges?


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49 thoughts on “My Favorite Sims 4 Challenges

  1. I really need to start doing more challenges – I always give up my legacies so I’ve always planned on starting the not so berry challenge because then I have something to aim to! Also, love all the Deligracy and lilsimsie videos you’ve embedded here, they’re my faves!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is fun! I started playing Sims 4 again when everything hit during the first lockdown. I have started the legacy challenge now (and have an IG account dedicated to it, letstalksimlish) and am now on the third generation of my family. It has been fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Sims 4 is a great game & when it was first released, they were missing a lot of things like toddlers, but they’ve seen had a ton of updates so the base game is much better!


  3. I love the idea of the no mistakes challenge – sounds like a lot of fun! I’m relatively new to sims but I have a lot of fun doing challenges 🙂 I will bookmark this for later x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I love the Sims too & after my legacy playthrough, I think I want to play the wolf pack challenge since it’s been a while since I played with pets!


  4. Ooh! These look super interesting. I’ve never played sims before and am not a gamer at all but my family is full of gamers so they often play these! I like that you can do so much on sims so you don’t get bored! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and some youtube videos too! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should try out the sims because you never know you might like it haha. Yes there is so much to do & you don’t have to buy a bunch of expansion packs either to have fun

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I know what you mean & I go through binge playing periods haha. I haven’t tried renovating old houses since I mainly like building from the ground up, but I love watching lilsimsie’s videos on it!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh, I used to love playing on the Sims. I never did any of the challenges and would always use the ‘motherload’ cheat so that I could make the perfect houses haha! I may just have to re-start playing, these challenges look fun!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I used the motherlode cheat a lot too, but then I was like it would be fun not using money cheats & having all the nice stuff right away & that’s why I’m doing the legacy playthrough!


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