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AD – PR Product | This year has been difficult for all of us, and on top of everything going on, I know two women who have been diagnosed with cancer this year. When I was approached by Cancer Care Parcel to review one of their boxes, I thought it would be a wonderful surprise to gift a box to one of the women I know.

Cancer Care Parcel was created by Dr. Shara Cohen after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and found there was little time to relax. She set up Cancer Care Parcel to take some of the worries away and bring some calm back into the lives of those affected by cancer. Cancer Care Parcel offers packages for adults, teens, and children including care packages for men and women, those undergoing chemotherapy, and boxes of essentials for hospital stays. The boxes range in price from £44 to £199, and they can be delivered worldwide from the UK. The boxes are shipped quickly, and I ordered the Cancer Care Box Of Goodies For Women on October 20th, and it was delivered in Denmark on October 27th.The paper included in the Cancer Care Parcel Cancer Care Box Of Goodies For Women that lists all the items and a short description of each item in the boxThe Cancer Care Box Of Goodies For Women is for any woman with a cancer diagnosis, and the items are suitable for all cancer therapies and surgeries. The box is £69 and contains 11 items that are useful, comforting, inspiring, and fun and can help reduce therapy side effects such as chemo nausea and cold feet. The 11 items in the Cancer Care Box Of Goodies For Women are:

  • Two Neck Cushions: The neck cushions are used to provide support and to help relax
  • Peppermint Tea: The tea comes in biodegradable pyramid bags, and peppermint tea has numerous health benefits including stress relief, relaxation, and helping with nausea
  • Hand Cream: The moisturizing hand cream is used to relieve dryness and for pampering
  • Eye Gel Mask: The eye gel mask soothes tired eyes and promotes relaxation. The gel mask can also provide relief from cancer-related fatigue, and it can be used as both a cold or warm eye press
  • Foot Massager: The foot massager takes the mind away from the everyday stress of cancer
  • Bed Socks: The socks help with cold feet that can result from many therapies, and they also add extra comfort for “me time” at home
  • Inspirational Card: The card reminds you of who you are that you do not have to be brave
  • Inspirational Book: The book Might Make You Smile is a collection of positive short stories from real women who are living with or recovering from cancer. The stories are often funny and heartwarming and suggest that cancer does not have to be the end of the world
  • Catchable Bubbles: The bubbles are fun for all ages that stay on your hand and clothes
  • Jute Bag: The bag is a useful natural jute bag for all the little things

All 11 items included in the Cancer Care Box Of Goodies For Women

On the Cancer Care Parcel website, you can also get access to resources for people with cancer and their friends and family.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, after I received this box, I gifted it this past weekend to one of the women I know who was diagnosed with this cancer this year. She enjoyed the surprise, and I hope that it will provide her with some relaxtion and comfort. The boxes from Cancer Care Parcel are a thoughtful gift for anyone you know that has been affected by cancer.

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28 thoughts on “Cancer Care Parcel

  1. I worked with Cancer Care a while back and they are such a great company. So much thought has gone into their boxes (for men and children too). My friend is an oncology nurse and she said everything in the baskets are perfect for any cancer patient no matter what stage they’re at. Lovely review x

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    1. That’s great you worked with Cancer Care Parcel too! That’s also great your friend confirmed that the boxes are perfect for any cancer patient at any stage!


  2. I’m working with Cancer Care this month too and I can’t wait to receive the box to see what’s in it. I think it’s such a fantastic idea. Something we can all relate to as well, as I’m sure we all know someone affected by cancer xxx

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  3. I love the fact that this is available. Friends and family members often struggle with what to do when someone they love is diagnosed. By offering something that is already put together like this, you can take a lot of the stress off while helping these people to support their loved one and be a light in their journey. Thank you for sharing!

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  4. I’ve seen this box before and I think they’re incredible! It’s so easy to forget the basics of pampering when you’re going through something like that and this is such a thoughtful box of essentials x


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  5. What a great way to let someone know how much you care! I didn’t know the my existed but definitely plan on looking into them now. I wish these would’ve existed 15 years ago when we lost my mother in law to cancer.

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