Christmas Gift Guide for Kids

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AD – PR Product | With Christmas quickly approaching and online shopping being even more popular, I wanted to suggest some online shops you can purchase Christmas gifts for kids from.

Personalized Children’s Books

I was kindly gifted two personalized books from Wonderbly, and I chose You and The Beanstalk and The Elf Who Saved Christmas for my daughter. You and The Beanstalk is a retelling of a classic fairytale while The Elf Who Saved Christmas is about an elf who saves Christmas from being canceled. Both books also teach great morals with You and The Beanstalk teaching about resourcefulness and empathy and The Elf Who Saved Christmas teaching about determination and creativity. In both books, you personalize the main character with the child’s name and gender and you can choose the appearance from 6 different characters. You then choose from either a softcover, hardcover, or premium layflat hardcover format, and you can write a dedication. From when my daughter’s books were shipped, it took a little over a week for them to be delivered in Denmark. I have since read both books to my daughter, and she loves them and wants me to read them to her again and again. Since she is the main character of the books, she is engaged in the story, and she also loves looking at the colorful illustrations. Wonderbly has other personalized books for children from 0 to 6+, and they would certainly make a wonderful Christmas present.

$29.99+ at WonderblyThe personalized The Elf Who Saved Christmas and You and The Beanstalk children's book from Wonderbly that are surrounded by Christmas lights


Personalized Letter from Santa

I was also gifted a personalized letter from Santa for my daughter. You can choose from 4 letters including Baby’s First Christmas, and I chose Letter 2. You can personalize quite a bit in the letter including the child’s name, gender, age, the city they will be in on Christmas Eve, what they left out for Santa and the Reindeers last year, the gift they are hoping for, and the name of their best friend or a family member. The letters can be purchased individually or with an activity pack that includes an elf yourself activity sheet, a Christmas Eve door hanger, a cutout Christmas decoration, and a coloring in Christmas card and ‘Santa Stop Here! poster for an extra £1. Also, for a limited time only, all personalized letter orders will include a free Nice Child certificate. A personalized letter from Santa would definitely make a special Christmas gift for any child.

£8.95-£9.95 at Lapland Mailroom

A screenshot from Lapland Mailroom's website of the Letter 2 I chose to have personalized for my daughter


For I Am Ruth: A Tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg

I was gifted a copy of For I am Ruth by Natalie Elisha Gold, and it follows a young RGB and how she found her calling to fight for gender equality. The book is 43 pages long and for children 6 years and older. I read the book with my almost 5-year-old daughter and she enjoyed the colorful illustrations and the rhyming sentences. We also had a discussion on the messages in the book, and it will be wonderful to read to her again. I definitely recommend For I Am Ruth to any child you know because it empowers young girls and lets them know that anything is possible.

$8.18 for Paperbook or $3.74 for Kindle on AmazonThe paperback book of For I am Ruth by Natalie Elisha Gold


Create Your Own Calm: Activities to overcome children’s worries, anxiety and anger by Becky Goddard-Hill ebook coverCreate Your Own Calm

Create Your Own Calm: Activities to overcome children’s worries, anxiety and anger by Becky Goddard-Hill supports children’s emotional wellbeing and overcome worries. The book has simple and practical ideas to help manage stress, anger, and anxiety as well as fun activities that can be done alone, with friends or family such as yoga, growing a pizza garden, and cloud watching. Children also learn about the science behind their emotions along the way. Create Your Own Calm would be a great gift for children 6-12 years old to help them become emotionally resilient and take the steps to become calm and happy.

£7.96 for Paperback or £6.99 for Kindle on Amazon


Animal Crossing: New Horizons Items

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the latest Animal Crossing game that was released on the Nintendo Switch earlier this year. I originally purchased the game for myself, but my daughter has since created her own character and has a house on my island. She loves playing the game especially when there are events, and she also loves visiting her favorite villagers Diana, Ketchup, and Isabelle. Since my daughter loves playing ACNH, gifts that are Animal Crossing related would certainly be a hit such as Animal Crossing ornaments from AcTrendyArtist, stickers from AdoreInStore, keychains and prints from Average Art Hoe, and embroidery from AcnhEmbroiderybyE. If you know any kids that love playing ACNH, they would most likely love to receive an ACNH related gift.


Handmade Plushie

Like most kids, my daughter loves plushies, and several years ago I bought the bat plushie from Ugly Plants. Last month with Halloween, my daughter claimed the plushie for herself. The plushie is great quality and it is so soft. Anastasia also makes pastel bats, ghosts, Drifloon from Pokemon, cacti plushies. There are many other small business plushie makers including PlushiesbyJess who makes sharks and whales, Crafted by Tula who makes stingrays, SeaSofties who makes octopi and narwhals, and Wool and Badger who makes crotched hedgehogs and mice.The black bat plushie with purple eyes and mouth that I purchased from Ugly Plants


Biodegradable Christmas Stationery

For biodegradable, eco-friendly, and sustainable Christmas cards, gift tags, and wrapping paper, I recommend Little Green Paper Shop. Their cards are handmade in the UK by a woman-founded small business, and both the cards and gift tags are made using either lux seed paper, bloom seed paper, elephant poo paper, sugarcane paper, or reindeer poo paper. I was gifted two cards, one made from seed paper that is infused with daisy seeds and can be planted after use, and the other which is made from reindeer poo all the way from the north pole. I was also gifted three gift tags made from seed paper. Both the cards and tags would be great options for kids because it would be fun to have a card made from poo or to be able to plant and grow flowers from them. The cards and gift tags also come in 4 different themes and are available in multipacks, and some cards can be purchased individually. Lastly, I was gifted a sheet of wrapping paper that is made from the Mulberry plant. The golden stars are screen printed using water-based inks with synthetic micas, which makes the paper biodegradable. The wrapping paper can be purchased in 3, 5, or 10 sheets. Little Green Paper Shop is certainly a great option for biodegradable Christmas stationery.

£2.95+ at Little Green Paper ShopThe seed paper Christmas card and gift tags, reindeer poo Christmas card, and Mulberry wrapping paper from Little Green Paper Shop


Watercolor Stationery

Lena is a lovely artist who creates acrylic and watercolor paintings and prints, notebooks, stickers, bookmarks, and wooden ornaments. Lena has affordable prices especially when she offers the stationary bundle which includes a notebook, notepad, prints, stickers, and bookmarks. My daughter loves Lena’s stickers, and older kids would appreciate the notebooks, bookmarks, and prints. The wooden ornaments would also make a great Christmas gift for kids of all ages.

£1.50+ at Art by LenaA galaxy-themed notebook and print and four stickers from Art by Lena



The last suggestion I have is for stickers as my daughter LOVES stickers. Along with Lena, there are many other artists that create stickers that kids can use and decorate with. ThePaintingPlant sells holographic stickers including the glittery bat holographic sticker I purchased for myself, and TheArtofAlicia sells frog-themed stickers including an Elsa one which I just bought for my daughter. Other shops with stickers I would recommend are Arianna Rose Art, Allenolantern, Juliesartarama, and KathrynChurnDesigns.


For other gift suggestions, I also created The Pet Lovers Gift Guide and a guide for Personalized Gifts for Any Occasion.

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42 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Guide for Kids

  1. Some great gifts for kids here😀 I especially like the personalised Santa letters, they are really clever, and kids will probably love those. Think a lot of people who have children will really find this post very helpful😀

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  2. I loved that you included biodegradable Christmas stationery! During the holidays, there’s so much trash already so it’s really nice to be able to lessen that just a little. Great post and great ideas for creative kiddos 🙂

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  3. You have some great gift options on here. I love that you included some smaller businesses as well in your list. This year, more than ever, small business owners need our support. The lockdown and all the new rules and regulations have made it SO hard for business owners to keep doing what they love. I’m going to make it a goal to buy as many gifts this year from small businesses as I can!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yes it is important to support small bussinesses if possible this time of year! Last year I bought Christmas presents during Small Business Saturday & I’m planning on doing the same this year!


  4. We had a personalised book made for Flora when she was younger and she absolutely adored it so these are great suggestions. I also like the biodegradable stationery as well, perfect for all those thank you letters after Christmas 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s so sweet you made a personalized book for Flora! After I read one of the books to my daughter, she always tells me she wishes it was real
      Yes the biodegradable stationery is great!


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