Summer Sunset Makeup Look

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Before summer comes to an end, I wanted to share a sunset-inspired makeup look. For this makeup look, I only used products from black-owned brands.

I support buying from black-owned beauty brands, but it is difficult to do in Denmark. In Denmark, House of Stars sells makeup from Juvia’s Place and OPV Beauty, and (instore too) and Magasin only sell Fenty Beauty, but Rhianna is not 100% the owner of the brand. Furthermore, sells Beauty Bakerie and Uoma Beauty. As far as international sellers, Beauty Bay sells Ace Beaute, Juvia’s Place, OPV Beauty, and Uoma Beauty, and they used to sell Coloured Raine. Morphe EU sells Beauty Bakerie while Beautylish sells Danessa Myricks Beauty, but I have to pay customs for the latter. I would love to support small black-owned brands, but most do not ship to Denmark or the shipping is so expensive plus I would have to pay customs on top of that. There is definitely a need for retailers in Denmark such as Sephora to stock more black-owned makeup brands besides Fenty. 

With that said, I created a full face makeup look using products from black-owned brands. For my face makeup, I started with the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer. It is a good primer, but as I mentioned, Rhianna is a co-owner of Fenty while Kendo is the other owner. For foundation, I wanted to try out the stick foundation from OPV Beauty. I have never used a stick foundation, but I have always wanted to try one as it seems easier to apply than a liquid foundation. The stick foundation was easy to apply, and it does have light-medium coverage depending on if you build it up. For concealer, I used the Uoma Stay Woke concealer as I have seen others recommending it. It is a great concealer and comparable to the Tarte Shape Tape concealer. The only downside is that the concealer is a bit expensive. To set my foundation and concealer, I used the Danessa Myricks setting powder. Even though the setting powder is white, it does not leave a white cast and it does help set my makeup. For blush, I used the shade Icing from the Beauty Bakerie Pisa Cake blush palette. I do like the color, but the blush shades do have quite a bit of fallout in the pan. As far as highlighter, I used the OPV Beauty Illuminator in Snowflake. Snowflake is a pearl shimmer shade, and I do like the color, but I am not the biggest fan of using liquid highlighters. Finally, for setting spray I used the Beauty Bakerie setting spray. The setting spray is effective, but it does burn my eyes when I use it, and I do not have that problem with any other setting spray I have used. 

For my eye look, I wanted to go for a sunset-inspired look. Instead of using an eyeshadow primer, I used the Uoma concealer as I know many others have used concealer instead of an eyeshadow primer as a primer. The concealer does work as a primer, but I do prefer using an actual eyeshadow primer. For the eyeshadow, I used shades from both the Juvia’s Place Warrior 3 Palette and OPV Beauty Rainbow Splash Palette. I love the shades from both palettes, and they have good pigment, but with the Warrior 3 palette, I find the shades tend to have fallout in both the pan and on the face. However, I had barely any fallout from the OPV Beauty palette. To finish my eye look, I used the mascara from Beauty Bakerie. It is a fine mascara, but there was a long fiber that extended past the wand, which I had to trim in order to apply the mascara. The mascara is also supposed to be waterproof, but I have not tested it out if it actually is. To complete my makeup look, I used the Uoma Beauty Black Magic Carnival Lipstick in Trinidad. The lipstick is a bold pink shade with a shimmer finish, and I love it! 

summer sunset makeup look

My summer sunset makeup look with my eyes closed

Most of the makeup products I used for my summer sunset makeup lookFace

Primer: Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer

Concealer: Uoma Beauty Stay Woke Concealer in Fair Lady T2

Foundation: OPV Beauty Stick Foundation in Light

Setting Powder: Danessa Myricks Beauty Evolution Powder in Invisible (not pictured)

Blush: Icing from the Beauty Bakerie Pisa Cake Blush Palette

Highlighter: OPV Beauty Illuminator in Snowflake

Setting Spray: Beauty Bakerie Spray Your Grace Setting Spray



Eye Shadow Primer: Uoma Beauty Stay Woke Concealer in Fair Lady T2

Eye Shadow: Nzinga, Jarawa, Kahina, Gola from the Juvia’s Place Warrior 3 Palette and Atlantis, Prismatic, Spectrum, and Utopia from the OPV Beauty Rainbow Splash Palette

Mascara: Beauty Bakerie Eyelash Icing Mascara



Lipstick: Uoma Beauty Black Magic Carnival Lipstick in Trinidad



Tank Top: Thrifted

How has your summer been going?


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